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The Top UNH Coffee Shops

Whether you need an excuse for a scenic fall drive to The Shack, or have a desperate need for caffeine on a snowy day, coffee is not limited here around Durham, because there are so many UNH Coffee Shops. Keep reading for the official ranking of coffee shops around campus from worst to best.

7. The Works

Mainly visited for their food-unless you’re in desperate need for a hot cup with your guac melt- I’d say hit aromas first on your way over here instead.

6. Dunkin’s

Leaving Hoco and in a rush to class? Only have dining dollars left to your name? Unless you’re a loyal Dunkin’s drinker there is definitely more quality UNH coffee shops to choose from.

5. Breaking New Grounds

Open 6 am-10 pm, if you’re looking for a rustic cozy spot to get away from the cold, meet for an interview, or a solo study session (with a side of people watching,) this is your place. Not the best coffee quality with limited flavor options, this little cafe lands number 5 on the list.

4. Ramon’s Coffee Cart

Not visited by many students unless you’re by Horton, their hot or iced vanilla hazelnut is a campus favorite. They only carry traditional flavors, but you can always count on it being just what you need for the walk home or the next class you have to sit through. They also offer red bull with flavor shots, which is just important to the UNH community as the coffee. The two workers will brighten your day, and doesn’t coffee always taste better in a Styrofoam cup with a bendy straw?

3. Aroma Joe’s

Just a walk to Main Street for when you don’t have a ride to The Shack or Coffee Craving (or need to be held over for class,) you can always spot students carrying around these cups around campus. The flavors don’t change but they have a wide variety of delicious and interesting options. Plus more food than any of the other UNH coffee shops, and energy drinks as well.

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2. Coffee Craving

If you’re looking for a scenic ride to Lee past its very own nudist colony and racetrack, this is the place to go. A little further a drive than The Shack, it is basically the same concept. Unique coffee flavors introduced and changed daily. Some may say it tastes better than the shack. It’s up for you to decide.

1. “The Shack”

Formally known as The Coffee Station, where most of the UNH population’s loyalty lies, nothing can compare or replace the shack. A short but scenic car ride to Newmarket, the shack fits its description; a tiny red house with lots of character. And the best coffee by far with typically 4 different and unique flavors every day. Not a coffee girl or already had three cups this morning?? They also make the best Redbull + flavor shots in the area!

Although everyone has their own preferences, it’s truly a blessing to have this many options for our iced coffee (or redbull) needs here at UNH.

What other coffee shops are good to go to around UNH? Comment below with advice for our readers!
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Which one of these UNH coffee shops is your favorite? Let us know down below!
Natali Williams

Natali is a writer for the University of New Hampshire chapter of Society19. She is currently a communication major.

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