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10 Top Travel Websites For Planning Your Next Adventure

10 Top Travel Websites For Planning Your Next Adventure

10 Top Travel Websites For Planning Your Next Adventure

Planning your great adventure can be stressful sometimes! There’s so many things to consider like where to go, where to stay, what to do! Luckily there’s some amazing tools out there that can ease your troubles such as the ones below.

1. Sky Scanner 

This travel website helps you find the lowest fare for your trip by scanning all the other booking websites and lists them neatly for you. When you find your perfect flight for your perfect destination Sky Scanner takes you directly to the source so there’s no hidden fees or extra chargers. You get the best deal every time. It also suggests hotels and car rentals in your chosen destination!

2. Student Flights

Not just another booking travel website, this organisation gives you advice and the best deals as a student in the city you are wishing to travel to. They offer packages and tours that are stress free and tailored to you. They also offer 24/7 global support if you need to ask an urgent travel question.


Plan your trip by reading articles from real people who offer advice and inspiration.

3. Hostel World

Now that you’ve booked your trip you need somewhere to stay right? Hostelworld offers you budget accommodation worldwide. With a guaranteed booking and no booking fee, you’ll be happy to search to find the coolest and trendiest hostel in your chosen city.

This site also has a blog section of people’s travel experience and top tips in each city. Explore your options and listen to other people’s recommendations.


4. Couch Surfing

Stay with locals and meet fellow travelers with this handy travel website. Look at whoever is hosting in the city you are travelling to and you might just make a new friend or learn to live like a local! They also run cool events for some extra fun.

Get to know hosts or fellow surfers like yourself through the messaging system and you can be reassured by the legitimacy of your interactions. The reviewing system of people’s experiences staying with hosts will also ease your mind if you’re uncomfortable staying at a strangers house.

You are not often expected to pay a fee to stay in hosts homes but help around the house or cooking dinner with go down a treat.



Have a bigger budget for your trip and want to stay in a nice hotel? Whatever accommodation you’re looking for, probably has it. From cabins to cottages or an apartment to yourself, look no further.

6. Blah Blah Car

Check out this trusted travel website for a carpool service as a cheap travel alternative. They operate in a number of different countries and give you security by checking profiles, reviews and ids of every person offering to drive.

Find people on the same path as you and connect with them. Make your journey simple and cost effective, usually the price is petrol split between all passengers!


7. Flix Bus

Enjoy the convenience of the largest bus network in Europe. They offer comfort, reliability and sweet low fares. Choose from over 2,000 destinations through 28 countries, the opportunities are endless. They have also proven to have an excellent carbon footprint, a plus for your environmentalist heart.

8. Duolingo 

Learn the language of the country you are visiting! Duolingo is a great travel website that makes learning a new language free and convenient. Now you can traverse the country with less language barriers!

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9. Lonely Planet 

Lonely Planet has a plethora of travel inspiration for you to look through. This travel website will undoubtedly help you discover some new gems and make some new sightseeing goals by searching through all the breathtaking photos.

It is also home to Thorn Tree which has been the best travel forum for people to ask questions and share experiences. So that question you think is dumb about travelling will have a dozen answers in no time on here.

10. Travel Map

Create your own route with a digital map. Pin the places you want to go and then narrow down the best plan of action. Sometimes figuring out how to save time and money can be difficult, so having a big virtual map that you can modify instantly will help you think clearly.


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