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The 8 Top Travel Apps You Have To Try On Your Next Overseas Trip

The 8 Top Travel Apps You Have To Try On Your Next Overseas Trip

A great travel app always comes in hand when traveling overseas. From assisting with money converting to helping you translate that menu. Heres my eight top travel apps I suggest you get downloading, before your next overseas trip.

1. Convert Your Cash On The Spot

So you’re in the middle of your overseas gift shopping and you’ve just found the perfect souvenir to bring home, but don’t know how much the price converts into your countries currency. Thanks to Elk travel currency converter, you can simply convert your currency on the spot. Along, with this, you can rely on its accuracy, with the app updating its global currency exchange rates every hour.

2. Translate Your Words Without Internet

This is a travel app that will come in handy like no other, Google translate app. This app is designed to help you work your way around those language barriers, and it’s even able to connect you to 59 languages when offline. Designed with three built-in language translating features, this travel app allows you to translate via text, picture or microphone.


3. Take The Weather With You

When it comes to traveling and booking certain leisure activities it’s always a downfall when the weather isn’t in your favor. However, with weather forecast AccuWeather app the weather and you can now be friends. This app works as an ideal travel app as you can customise what weather features you want available, and have access to up to date temperatures, weather warnings and weather-related information. You can even check the weather fifteen days advanced so you won’t be forgetting your raincoat this time!

4. Move Your Way Swiftly Around

Getting around a foreign country can have its challenges but with the Moovit Public Transport Live app you’re sure to have a smooth journey around town. This app works well as a travel app as it’s designed to provide you with all public transport options, routes and constant up to date travel information around your chosen destination. This app even provides a live directions function where it tracks your every travel move and will notify you when you need to get off a stop or for how long you need to keep walking or waiting. This will sure get you to the right bus stop before its departure!

5. Book The Right Tour For You

When traveling sometimes you can be a bit skeptical on the tours you should invest your precious traveling time into. With the help of Viator Tours & Activities app, you can get exclusive access to a number of tours around the world, and you can even view photos and videos of certain tours and read the reviews. What a way to ensure your booking a tour that suits your interests and needs.


6. Fight Against Jet Lag

If you’ve traveled before you will be too familiar with the struggles of jet lag. However, Timeshifter app is changing the game working fantastically as a travel app, assisting users in adjusting with time zone shifts. Within this app, you can purchase a jet lag pack that suits your preferences, receiving advice that is more personalised to you and your flight schedules.

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7. Find The Essentials Near You

Traveling to an unfamiliar destination can have its challenges in finding the essentials like the closest ATM. Find Near Me- Nearby & Around app is a travel app that can help you in finding the important day to day places you will need to visit on a trip. From searching places up, you will receive suggested places around your location, along with a real-life view and relevant information of the place.


8. Connect With Other Travellers

This app is for my solo travelers or those who want to make friends as they pass through a new country. The travel app Travello allows you to socialise with other travelers around your area and start chats with them. Along with this, you can share your travel experiences on this app’s feed and inspire other travellers or likewise be inspired by their posts. So get socialising, after all, holidays are meant for meeting new people right.

Before you start packing those bags be sure to check out these travel apps, you never know these apps could be the lost luggage you’ve been waiting for. If there’s another travel app you would recommend, comment suggestions down below.

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