Top Tips To Planning The Perfect Big Party

Top Tips To Planning The Perfect Big Party

Let’s begin by clarifying what a ‘big’ party is. I’m talking about 100 guests or more. That’s right, 100 of your closest friends who you will definitely speak to at least once throughout the party. This could be your eighteen, twenty first, a hens night or maybe you’re just a really cool person who can throw a huge party for no apparent person (I’d really like to meet you.) But unless you’re Gatsby, you will need a few tips and tricks to planning the perfect big party. Let’s face it. You don’t get second chances. People will recall the worst parties they’ve been to before they recall the best. And we want yours to be the best. Here we go.


Before anything can be planned, you need to actually know who’s coming. People are very flaky these days. It’s hard when twenty guests pull out the day before the big party. So make sure you’ve got an RSVP plan in check. Facebook events and email invites are the best. You can nag people to RSVP promptly as well as clearly see who is and isn’t coming. (And you’ll know who those annoying people are who simply don’t check facebook. Seriously I don’t get it.) When you’ve got a rough estimate for numbers, then the proper planning can start!


Theme or no theme it doesn’t matter just PICK A GOOD THEME. A theme can be awesome. It can make your event that memorable occasion where people remember the theme and the outfit they chose (just don’t go as a stuffed olive.) Guests appreciate being told what to do. And if a theme is easy to get into, they’ll be most obliging. So don’t pick a theme that’ll give your guests a headache to the lead up. Make it simple and fun! Not into a theme though? Fair enough! Still, a clear dress code is definitely the way to go. It’ll set up the tone of your party from the beginning and your guests will get a idea of the type of party they’re in for. Whether it’s casual, cocktail, black tie or.masquerade (please don’t). And remember, pick a theme that you would like. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. As long as you look good, that’s all that matters!

Top Tips To Planning The Perfect Big Party


Sounds basic, but any smart party planner would know that you cannot rely on the weather! Even if your party date is summer, there’s still a chance a thunder storm can hit! Big parties are tricky, because unless you own a mansion, there’s a small chance that your home can accomidate for so many people. So, chances are you’ll need to throw your party in the backyard, out in the wilderness or hire a venue. Now I never promised a big party was going to be cheap. If you are conscious of dollars, then please listen to this tip. Spend your money on the venue. This may mean hiring an event venue maybe above a pub,the floor of a restaurant or a dining room. Or, if you’re throwing a party at home, then a marquee will be very very handy. This will provide shelter and insulation (in winter.) But it’ll make the scene of your big party appear professional, substantial and connected. There needs to be a ‘boundary.’ A party, no matter how big, still needs to feel enclosed and intimate. Therefore, a marquee set up is perfect. Yi can fit the bar underneath, a food table and DJ set, whatever you like! It’s fantastic for day or night!

Top Tips To Planning The Perfect Big Party

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My personal highlight of any party! In some ways, the make or break of the party (no pressure.) Providing food for 100 or more guests sounds scary, but there are many fun ways to do so that doesn’t involve buying boxes of frozen party pies! Again, food is where the money should go! So hire a company that can dish out delicious food that everybody loves! Miniature food is a great the perfect big party. Who doesn’t like mini sliders and fish and chips? Another plan could be a professional paella pan or wood fired pizzas! You’ll feel so much safer with a professional. Your guests will love it and you’ll be forever thankful! As long as you take care of the substantial food, then everything else will be super easy. Crowd favourites like lollies, cake and dips and chips!

Top Tips To Planning The Perfect Big Party

Good luck planning your perfect big party! Follow these tips and you can’t go wrong? The best tip to remember is making your planning perfect so that you get to enjoy your party as much as your guests! Plan well and have fun!!

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