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Top Tips For Throwing The Best Birthday Party EVER

Top Tips For Throwing The Best Birthday Party EVER

Top Tips For Throwing The Best Birthday Party EVER

Planning a birthday party can seem like a huge challenge – but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some top tips for throwing the best birthday party EVER!

1. Find A Venue With Free Use

First thing’s first, you need a venue. Lots of places charge for venue hire and some will raise their prices if they find out it’s an 18th or 21st birthday party. The good news is that lots of places don’t charge a booking fee, and some only ask for a deposit that is later taken off your bill! This will make the day a lot more affordable. 

Top Tips For Throwing The Best Birthday Party EVER

2. Use A Round Or Square Table

If you’re having a sit-down dinner for your party, there is nothing worse than sitting at a long table. You can’t hear the people who are sitting far away from you and you will constantly have to lean over people to talk. Instead, book a round or a square table so you are able to see and speak to all your guests. 

3. Put Together A Fab Spotify Playlist

Every party needs an amazing playlist, so load up Spotify and put together a list of your favourite songs. A good option is to pick fun songs from your childhood so everyone can reminisce about the past. You could also pick songs specifically from the year you were born to give it more of a birthday feel.

Top Tips For Throwing The Best Birthday Party EVER

4. Book A Fun Activity

This is not a cheap option but it will give your party an edge that everyone will be talking about for months. There are lots of fun activities you can book for a party such as a photo booth, a sweetie cart, a bouncy castle, or a live band. This will make your birthday truly memorable. 

5. Create a Facebook Event To Plan It

Once upon a time, you had to handwrite invitations for your birthday party and hand them out to all your friends. Not anymore! Create a Facebook event and invite everyone through that. This gives you a clear list of who will be attending, and allows you to post any updates or changes to the plan.

Top Tips For Throwing The Best Birthday Party EVER

6. Make It Clear If There Are Presents

Sometimes people panic when they don’t know if they are supposed to bring a present to a birthday party – so tell everyone in advance. It is always kind to say you do not expect any gifts and it means the people who do not have much cash to spare won’t feel like they have to skip the party. Besides, some of the guests will bring presents even if you tell them not to. 

7. Find Cheap Decorations Online

What is a birthday party without balloons? Cheaper for a start, but it doesn’t have to be! Go online and look up packs of birthday decorations. You will be surprised how much you can buy for not a lot of money. This will spice up your birthday party and make for some great Instagram photos!

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Top Tips For Throwing The Best Birthday Party EVER

8. Put Thought Into Your Guest List

Every party is different so do not feel like you have to invite everyone you know. If it is purely for your friends, don’t invite your family. You can always have a separate birthday bash with them later. Also, think about who is on the guest list. If you are inviting people with a history, exes, former friends, etc. put some thought into how you will keep them apart during the party. 

9. Talk To Everyone!

There’s nothing worse than a host who ignores their guests – so don’t do it! Make sure you move around the party and talk to everyone who is there. They have made the effort to come along to your celebration. They deserve to feel that you are glad to see them. 

Top Tips For Throwing The Best Birthday Party EVER

10. Know Who Is Paying

Everyone is different when it comes to birthday parties. Some people pay for the whole event themselves, some people have a family member who offers to pay for it, and some people ask all the guests to pay for their own part (food, drinks, etc). Make sure you tell everyone in advance what the plan is so nobody is caught out later. 

Do you have a birthday coming up? Did these tips help you plan your party? Let us know in the comments!

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