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Top Tips For Growing Out Your Hair

Top Tips For Growing Out Your Hair

Growing out your hair can be a challenge at times, but there are ways for it to grow out long and healthy! Here's what you need to know!

Growing out your hair out is always hard, especially when you are in a habit of doing things that are bad for it. That’s why we’ve gathered the top tips for growing your hair out faster. So, if you’ve been wanting that mermaid hair length or if you’ve cut your hair short and you’re ready for a change, read on and find out what you need to be doing!

Trim your hair!

As ironic as it sounds, trimming your hair every three months not only helps with split ends but prevents breakage making the hair look healthier. It may not actually grow your hair out, but it is an important step in the hair growth journey.

Top Tips For Growing Out Your Hair


Do not forget to condition.

It is very common for people to forget conditioner, however, it is essential to always remember to use it. Conditioner replaces proteins in the hair shaft and protects your hair from damage so that it can grow much easier.

Top Tips For Growing Out Your Hair

Rinse hair with cold water.

This step makes a huge difference if you haven’t tried it before. Make sure that after every shower, you rinse your hair with cold water. This prevents hair damage as well as moisture loss. It is a change in your routine that will keep your hair healthier in the long term.


Apply an oil treatment weekly.

This one you can do easily at home. Before shampooing, make a natural oil treatment. I would recommend using coconut oil and mixing it with other oils such as almond, macadamia and argan. Heat up these oils for the best results and make sure to apply to damp hair and massage into the scalp. Wrap your hair for 20 minutes and then, rinse out with shampoo so the oils are sealed inside of the hair.

Egg and olive oil hair mask.

Another treatment you can try if you have oily hair is whisking egg yolk and olive oil together. Apply this to your damp hair, cover and again let this one sit for 20 minutes before rinsing out and drying hair. This conditions the hair and help grow it out too.

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Satin and silk are your hairs new best friends.

Switch your cotton pillowcase to a satin one, or sleep with a silk head wrap for the best results. This is because they have a softer surface and thus prevents friction which means fewer tangles when you wake up in the morning!

Try to stop damaging your hair!

You’ve probably heard this on countless occasions and may not be able to resist the temptation of experimenting with your hair, but it is really important that whilst on this journey you do not dye your hair or use any hot tools to straighten or curl it. In fact, scrap anything that is not natural and give your hair a rest. It is only in giving your hair the attention that it needs that you can properly grow it out.

Top Tips For Growing Out Your Hair


Give your hair a break from all the brushing.

While you may be tempted to do so, try and brush your hair only when it is needed and when you are brushing don’t be too rough. Treat your hair with care and brush from the bottom up, not from the scalp down! This will definitely help you in growing out your hair.

What tips do you have for growing out your hair? Tell us in the comments!
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