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Top Thrifted Retailers In Oklahoma City

Top Thrifted Retailers In Oklahoma City

Top Thrifted Retailers In Oklahoma City

Among the many thrifted retailers popping up in the Oklahoma City area, there are a few that stand above the rest due to their uniqueness and supple inventories. To really stand out they have implanted unforgettable branding. They also provide their customers with a broad selection of vintage pieces to choose from and ensure that they all have an enjoyable shopping experience!

1. GirlGang405

The story of Girlgang405 began in 2017 with our two founders, Casey Thompson and Paris Rose. Casey and Paris met each other in high school, and quickly became friends because of their similar vintage fashion and style interests and shared a mutual love for thrifting. Their love for vintage clothing stems from an appreciation that every piece is different and special. This thrifted retailer originally targeted women’s vintage pieces and was created to share a passion for vintage with women who also valued it, creating a ‘Gang’ of vintage enthusiasts.
However, Casey and Paris soon realized their efforts did more than bring women together, they created a positive and growing community.  Soon Girlgang405 expanded to include men’s apparel and inclusion into the “girl gang”. 
In addition to a vast selection of vintage apparel Girlgang405 also offers styling direction for their customers. If you’re interested in getting styled for an event, or just need to revamp your wardrobe, this is a great store to check out! 
Top Thrifted Retailers In Oklahoma City

2. Bad Grannies Bazaar

Bag Grannies Bazaar is a unique second-hand retailer located in the historic plaza district in Oklahoma City. Their inventory comes from a great selection of vendors selling vintage, retro, modern hip apparel and other curious goods. Each vendor adheres to a particular vintage aesthetic, giving customers an opportunity to find a retro piece that fits their vintage style. Beyond clothes vendors, a Bad Grannies Bazaar sells an intriguing collection of kitschy gifts, furnishings, jewelry, art and more.

All upcycled, recycled, repurposed, nearly new and gently used merchandise is inspected by the owner of the shop to ensure the quality goods for all customers. Check out this unique vintage retailer next time you are in Oklahoma City and you’ll be surprised by what you can find.

Top Thrifted Retailers In Oklahoma City

3. The Laboratory

The Laboratory in Oklahoma City features a plethora of fashionable branded clothing, that adhere to the street styles of today’s trends. Instead of traditional thrift apparel, this store is better understood as a hype shop, carrying second-hand hype clothing from well-known brands such as Supreme, Guess, and  Anti Social Club. This store has access to purchasing brand new clothing from these designer brands and many others so that all garments are fresh and clean for customers to purchase. The Laboratory’s inventory consists of freelanced sweatshirts, hype t-shirts, and accessories common to most hype brands, such as fanny packs and backpacks. In addition, the Laboratory carries a dope selection of modern hype sneakers from brands such as Yeezy, Addidas, and Off White.

Top Thrifted Retailers In Oklahoma City

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4. Dig It

The Dig It boutique located in the historic plaza arts district in Oklahoma City carries retro ’70s, ’80s, and 9’0s apparel, and lowbrow and indie art as well as accessories. In addition, this groovy little shop offers locally screen-printed tees, counter culture books, music, and paintings, and books by local authors in the area. They possess a strong collection of vintage band t-shirts and punk rock patches and spikes made for any rock enthusiast. While shopping you can introduce yourself to the shop’s pet ambassador Dammit Janet, or take a break and play a round of pinball, packman, or Donkeykong on their retro arcade machines.

Can you dig it?

Top Thrifted Retailers In Oklahoma City

Check out these top thrifted retailers next time you find yourself in Oklahoma City. Share your experience with us down below!

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