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Top 5 Things To Do On Your Weekend

Top 5 Things To Do On Your Weekend

Is Friday coming up and you have nothing planned? Check out these tips to have the best weekend you possible could - no matter how last minute!

With my weekends finally clearing up after work after work, I have taken some of my free time to explore the city of Boston and see what exciting things I can find. Now, while you all may not be in or near Boston, my exploration got me thinking and so below is the top five list of fun things you can do on your weekend!

1. Find Local Facebook Events

One thing that has helped me find events to do over the weekend is looking at my friends Facebook events they are interested in. The amazing thing that has come out of social media is how in touch it makes us with the outside world. Living in Boston, there are tons of events over the weekend that I can go to from farmers markets to talk-back events. I implore you to check your local listings and see whats going on in your area!

farmers market

2. Watch a Movie

Winter brings an influx of new movies, from childhood classics to interesting indie films there is always something at the theater. Going to your local theater and seeing whats playing will not only get your out of the house but prevent you from hearing an spoilers from an articles that pop up on your feed! And who doesn’t love sitting back and relaxing for a good two hours?


theater, movie

4. Explore Local Museums

Now, this might just pertain to me as a city resident, but local towns have museums as well! Not only is it fun and a great way to kill time, but it is also educational! You might learn some new information this weekend and be better off for it. Check out your local museums and see what you can discover!

paiting, muse

5. Pet Animals at Local Animal Shelter

Who doesn’t love animals? They are a great form of stress relief and this weekend, you can seek them out to pet and give them some love! A lot of shelters also have adoption events that allow you to pet and adopt on site! So check your local shelters to see if they have any petting times and go pet those adorable animals! Who knows, maybe you’ll gain a friend as well as having an amazing weekend!

pet, animal

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6. Take a Walk

Last but not least, I offer a nice activity that is a great form a stress relief as well something that will get your heart rate pumping – taking a walk! Take a stroll around your town, your local park, your neighborhood! Wherever it may be, I guarantee that your brisk walk will help you gain a clear head space for the week to come!

walk, road


While these tips are not the only activities that you can do with your weekend, that a good baseline to start planning your weekend endeavors! You also do not have to do it alone – take a friend, some family, maybe a coworker? A classmate? Whatever will get you out there and having fun. So make sure you grab your friends, family, coworkers, or anyone that you like and go make some awesome memories!

What do you think of these weekend activities? Let us know in the comment section below!