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Top Ten Late Night Food Places Around KU

Top Ten Late Night Food Places Around KU


Please hear me out when I say that these are in no way listed from best to least or cheapest to most expensive or in any order at all. I have compiled a list of ten places, sprinkled throughout Lawrence, that help feed the hungry (students) late into the night. As the school year is just beginning, I hope this list can help lead fellow Jayhawks to places of warm food and good flavors in the time when we’re all in need at KU.

1. Pizza Shuttle

Everyone in Lawrence does (or should) have this phone number memorized. It is the perfect fix when you are getting home and need some food to soak in your belly. I highly recommend the cream cheese pizza even though it is rumored to be 330’ish calories/slice.



2. Pickleman’s

Located down on Mass, it is the perfect place to walk in from KU and get a tasty sub. They also have an incredibly fast delivery service. A personal tip on this one- always get a cookie, they are impeccable, soft and only $.99.



3. Burrito King

A decent option if you are in a car and needing an immediate fix. Unfortunately, they do not deliver and there is no lobby to sit in so your only option is to go in the drive through.


4. Fuzzy’s

On the south end of Mass Street’s main strip, this is the perfect spot to re-hydrate and fuel up on some Mexican food. There are just as many places to sit as there are items on the menu. (which is a lot)



5. Pepper Jax

Late night Philly cheese steaks…need I say more?



6. Hot Box

Have you ever smelled something so delicious that you immediately start salivating? Okay maybe that description is a bit much, but this is what happens when you open the door at Hot Box. The bakery focuses solely on fresh-baked cookies that cover a variety from monster cookies (personal fav) to cookies-and-cream. Stop in here while you’re walking home or have them deliver.




Although it is a couple miles off campus, the infamous 24-hour. pancake house is a solid choice if you are in the mood to sit down and have a midnight “brinner” (is that an acceptable portmanteau word for breakfast and dinner?)

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8. Munchers

This local donut shop is the best place to stop in if you need a quick study break. Their 24-hour lobby allows for convenient service and never-ending access to cream cheese filled donuts.


9. BWW

Despite it’s location, you can always count on Buffalo Wild Wings to be open late enough that you can swing by to get some wings. They have carryout or dine-in so you can choose what best fits your late night craving.



10. The Wheel

Last but CERTAINLY not least, this underground one-stop shop is located in an ideal spot right between Lawrence’s hottest bars. There is nothing better than grabbing a hot slice of pizza, with whatever cash you have left, while waiting on your Uber.

Where are your favorite places to eat around KU? Comment below and share the article!
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