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Top Ten Dorms At UMD

Dorms at UMD boast the largest out of any other university. The campus is huge and so is the student population. The vast range of residence halls house the thousands of students that call UMD their home. Here is a list of the top ten dorms at UMD!

1. Prince Frederick

To start off this list of dorms at UMD, we chose the newest hall! It is a high rise with seven floors, and two study lounges on each floor. If you were given the option to pick any hall on campus, you should definitely pick this one! Its rooms are much more spacious than the majority of the other residence halls and its semi-suite model means that you only share your bathroom with three other people! The bathroom is situated between and can be accessed directly from inside both rooms. No need to worry about the walk through the hallway back to your room in your towel. It also features living learning programs such as ACES, or Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students, and DCC, or Design Cultures and Creativity.

2. Oakland

Almost a copy of Prince Frederick but a little older. Oakland has many of the same facilities that Prince Frederick has and is the next nicest dorm to live in. Its close to 251 North, where most North Campus students have a once – a – week pass to an all you can eat buffet. Adjoined is the 24 hour Campus Shop for your late-night snacking needs. Trust me, this is a lifesaver during finals week.


3. Dorchester Hall

The location of this dorm at UMD makes it a great place to live. It is literally steps away from McKeldin Library and Stamp Student Union. Both are the top two hotspots on campus! McKeldin will cater to your electronic and academic needs while Stamp caters to your taste buds! Dorchester Hall itself comes with a multipurpose room and laundry room. You don’t have to worry during the summer as its also equipped with air conditioning!

4. Anne Arundel

If you are into multimedia productions or music, Anne Arundel can accommodate your needs. Not only does it house a baby grand piano, it also contains a multipurpose room with a projector and sound system! It is also situated right behind McKeldin Library so whenever you need to hit the books, you won’t be far from peace and quiet!

5. Cambridge Hall

This dorm at UMD is a four story building, housing a scholars living learning community. Unlike suite style, having a traditional dorm layout gives you the chance to be more exposed to the people on your hall. You get a better sense of community and togetherness. Cambridge Hall is also right across from the Cambridge Community Center which contains a convenience store for easy access to snacks, personal hygiene products, and more.

6. Montgomery Hall

The residence hall teeters on the edge of the campus making it close to Route 1 and all of its amazing nightlife and dining! This gorgeous dorm at UMD also has a bus stop right in front of it, so you are literally steps away from getting anywhere you want to go. This building contains suites and apartments, so it is more private than the traditional dorm setting. Apartments have kitchens for students who are interested in making their own meals.


7. Denton

This dorm is right across from 251 North and the 24 hour Campus Shop. This makes it really easy to grab any snacks you need at any hour! It is a traditional style hall with eight floors and a laundry facility. It also has study lounges which are great for working on group projects!

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8. La Plata

Home to HONORS living learning communities. It is also (literally) 10 steps away from La Plata beach. Okay, so the only place you will actually find sand here is on the beach volleyball court. However, the rest of the green turf makes an excellent place to play football, soccer, or even laser tag. Since LP beach is the social hub of the North Campus Community, you’re pretty much in the center of the action. Not to mention it’s a great place to tan.

9. Hagerstown

Also home to HONORS living learning communities, this is an eight-story building overlooking the North Campus Diner. Unlike other halls, this building offers a greater variety of room arrangements including quads in addition to singles and doubles. It is also only a short walk to the Eppley Recreation Center. Since Eppley boasts a variety of basketball, racquetball, and volleyball courts, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, and even an outdoor rock climbing center, its an excellent resource to have nearby!

10. Elkton Hall

This eight story building also sits across from 251 and is home to the Syn*Quest Collaborative. This makes this hall excellent for socializing and making long-lasting friendships. The beauty of Syn*Quest is that you don’t have to be accepted into the program. Anyone who wants to join can. And since this program is all about cultural diversity, you are going to be exposed to a lot of people who come from different backgrounds.

There you have it, the top ten dorms at UMD! You may or may not like the dorm you are assigned, but unless you are mandated to stay within your living learning community, you can always apply to be moved on UMD’s residential website. Each dorm has its ups and downs, but one thing is for sure: you’re going to make lots of memories no matter which one you end up in.

Which of these top ten dorms at UMD was your favorite? Comment below!

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Niharika Kalla

Niharika Kalla is an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland. She wants to go into the medical field after graduation. During her free time she enjoys drawing and listening to music.

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