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Top Ten Best Horror Movies

Top Ten Best Horror Movies

The world has flipped a 180 since the outbreak of COVID-19. It’s been about a month or two of boredom, even for those that are now doing classes online. This is the perfect moment in our time to catch up on some films that we’ve missed out on due to other engagements. There’re no excuses this time. This listicle contains my favorite horror film of all time. Can you guess which one it might be? Take some time to scour this listicle so you can have some quality alone time with a killer… on screen of course. 

10. “The Skeleton Key”

We’re taking horror movies to southern Louisiana in this mystery of a film. When Caroline Ellis (Kate Hudson) takes on the job of taking care of an old bayou mansion, she assists stroke victim Ben Devereaux (John Hurt) under the watchful eye of his wife Violet Devereaux (Gena Rowlands). Beware of mirrors and ancient hoodoo rituals in this film. This film provides some scares here and there, but the real kicker is the ending. Give this film a watch and you won’t view the southern state the same again. 

Skeleton Key


9. “The Silence of the Lambs”

Both a thriller of cat-and-mouse with a touch of scare, this classic 90s film still shivers my spine. Newbie on the force, Clarice Starling befriends psychopath and cannibal, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Lecter is a skilled psychiatrist, easily allowing himself to read people better than they know themselves. There are several moments in this film that are Oscar-winning. 

Scour YouTube and you might just find the famous “Screaming of the Lambs” scene. Jodie Foster played one of her most iconic roles in this film, along with Anthony Hopkins. Lecter’s entire persona is chilling and still stands as one of the best villain performances in my opinion. Just when you think you know what’s coming, this film surprises you. 

The Silence of the Lambs

8. “The Shining”

Stephen King’s brilliant tale of ghosts and cabin fever were brought to life in this 1980 horror. Director Stanley Kubrick was able to breathe life into King’s masterpiece, providing an eerie atmosphere at the Overlook Hotel. This is what happens when you spend too much time together as a family. All jokes aside, there’s no doubt that the hotel has something in store for every first-time viewer. 


There are scenes within this film that still puzzle me after my tenth time of watching it. I guess that’s the beauty behind the film. You don’t always have to understand everything. Beware of room 237. You may find more than your guest apparels within. Give “The Shining” a go this upcoming winter. You’ll never be the same. 

The Shining

7. “The Grudge” (2004)

Yes, this is definitely not the 2020 knockoff. Japanese horror arrived in 2004 with “The Grudge” featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar. She gave life to this dark and twisted film that shed a light on domestic abuse and Japanese myth. Although I haven’t seen the original version, “Ju-On,” it’s safe to say this is the best of the four horror movies we got. 


This film takes a unique twist on supernatural horror that was unique and fresh at the time. An eerie noise followed by long black hair means certain death for Kayako’s victims. Kayako’s spirit never leaves you and neither will the fear after watching this film. 

The Grudge

6. “It Follows”

This is by far one of the more unique takes on horror movies that I’ve seen. Although I’ve only seen this once, the film has stayed in mind if that tells you anything. The scary element about this entity is that it’s indescribable. The creature takes the form of whatever it chooses. No telling when it’s with you. Also, it never stops coming after it’s victim. “It Follows” provides some memorable scenes of horror with classic teen romance thrown in. Just when you think it’s over, “it” will never let you go.


It Follows

5. “Saw”

This purely innovate twist on horror movies has stood the test of time. A film that makes audiences look away but return to see what happens to each of Jigsaw’s victims. No doubt the plot in this series got a little ridiculous after the first few films, but the original is still the best. The infamous leg scene in this film still makes me look away every time. Give this film a spin the next time you’re in the mood for pure gore and great storytelling. 

Saw Movie


4. “Hostel”

This film is still the goriest of horror movies I’ve ever seen, hands down. When three friends travel to Europe, they get into a twisted game that spells doom for them. There is more than one scene in this film that will lodge itself in your brain forever. Although “Hostel” delivers in the special effects department, it’s still not the scariest of the bunch. The series later delivers excellently with “Hostel 2”. This is one of those films where you regret watching it at first, but then you realize how well done the movie is. Discretion is advised.

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Hostel Movie


3. “Hereditary”

My boyfriend introduced this film to me about a year ago and… well, it’s something. The film definitely delivers in the horror department. Grim, dark and mysterious are the best adjectives to describe this film. Devil worship is no stranger to the horror genre, but the route this film went was interesting and resonates with me still. This was my first time seeing Toni Collette in action and she delivered amazingly. Unfortunately, she didn’t win any awards for her role, which still baffles me. However, give “Hereditary” a spin only if you can stomach grim tales of horror.  

Hereditary Movie

2. “Psycho” (1960)

Alfred Hitchcock was known then and still is known to this day as one of the best directors of suspense and his most famous besides “Vertigo” was most likely 1960s “Psycho.” This film is known as the original slasher and introduced horror as a serious genre. Jamie Lee Curtis’ mother, Janet Leigh, played the famous Marion Crane. No wonder Curtis is so good at what she does. Although not as scary as horror films today, “Psycho” gives a great plot with classic horror. I would not be doing this film duty if it weren’t at the top. 


Psycho Movie

1. “Halloween” (1978)

Originally titled, “The Babysitter Murders,” John Carpenter’s masterpiece stands the test of time as the best of horror movies. There’s so much history and storytelling behind the making of this film that’s interesting. This film was made in a 20 day time span and although the film has aged, it’s just a classic. Nick Castle is the best man behind the mask as Michael Myers. Myers is indescribable as he feels and shows no emotion. “He is purely and simply evil.”

Halloween Movie


What are your favorite horror movies? Tell us in the comments!