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Top Tattoo Artists To Follow If You’re Looking For Inspiration

Top Tattoo Artists To Follow If You’re Looking For Inspiration

Tattoos are personal. They can be sentimental ways to honor others or a part of a person’s journey. They are beautiful, individualistic, and creative ways of showing off the uniqueness of you. Whether you are a tattoo enthusiast or a first-timer looking for inspiration, look no further! These artists who are taking the tattoo world by storm. 

Tattoos are becoming a very relevant way for people to express their individual style, savor memories, and define their unique characteristics. In the past, tattoos were often seen as taboo, unclassy, and just strange. The people who wore them were often looked down upon, at one point tattoos were only seen worn by people who worked in the circus, by gangs, or in prisons. Today, tattoos are more widely accepted, with people of all kinds wearing them. Like fashion or music trends, tattoo trends have come and gone, with some of the traditional tattoo styles still being worn today. Within recent years, we have been seeing tattoos being done in a “lighter” fashion. Not so bold, not so dark, and much more feminine. These artists are taking old traditions, new ideas, and creative artistry and transforming the tattoo industry. 


Justin Nordine @justinmordinetattoos

Justin Nordine works to create Synth-Nouveau Tattoos out of The Raw Canvas Tattoo Shop in Grand Junction, Colorado. Synth-Nouveau tattoos combine natural, organic, pop culture motives, natural forms, and structures to create beautifully intricate and detailed tattoos. Often you will see Justin experimenting with strong lines, graphic elements, organic color, and movement to create his tattoos. If you are considering a nontraditional style of tattoo, take a look at Justin’s work, it will inspire a new idea and fresh style. 

Rita ‘Kit’ Zolotukhina

Rita Zolotukhina is a tattoo artist and creator of #liveleaftattoo working out of Bali and Ukraine. She utilizes live plants, branches, and flowers to create her stencil, laying the plant on the body to create a natural, realistic piece. She often travels to tattoo and uses plants that are often native to the country that she is working in to create beautiful works of art on the body. 


Stevie Jean @steviejeanflowers

Owner of Rose of the West Art Studio in Louisville, Colorado, Stevie Jean specializes in feminine, intricate, and detailed pieces. She puts her own unique spin on American traditional and neo-traditional colored pieces, transforming each client’s vision into a work of art. She is inspired by nature, feminine details in life, travel and culture, and other artists. She works to create visionary pieces that clients will want to wear. If you’re looking to be excited by tattoo art the still has a traditional touch, Stevie Jean just maybe your girl. 


Keith Ciaramello

Keith Ciaramello is the owner and operator of Palm Tattoo Studio in Tampa, Florida. Keith specializes in fine line black and grey work, adopting his own personal style and tailoring each tattoo to the clients’ wants and needs. Keith’s floral work is inspiring, and his animal portraits are darling. He prioritizes the health of his clients and our environment using only vegan inks and products. 

Aries Rhysing @ariesrhysing

Aries Rhysing is an artist at All Sacred Tattoo Studio in Wheatridge, Colorado. He specializes in geometric work that honors the traditions of tattooing and aid in expanding the craft. Aries Rhysing has been quoted saying, “I love the craft, the process, the art, and the power we manifest when a tattoo becomes alive on the body” Aries is continuously inspired by artists that have come before him and the artists that he works with as well as the world and different cultures. He strives to create beautiful, unique, and inspiring pieces that his clients are happy to show off. 


Jawn Suzuki @jawnton

Jawn Kota Suzuki also works out of All Sacred Tattoo Studio in Wheatridge, Colorado. Jawn has always been very creative and artistic, drawing inspiration from the female form, flowers, and fine line art. In his early years, painting was the way he expressed his creativity, however, he was pressured to continue school and not focus on art as a career. Jawn grew up in a very traditional Japanese family and was often told that tattooing was taboo and affiliated with gang members. It took him seeing a tattoo being done to realize that the art form was beautiful and deeply personal. He has become a very sought after artist and drives to continue inspiring other artists and tattooists alike with his work. If you’re looking to be inspired by feminine pieces of art, Jawn has a beautiful collection to showcase. 

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Sasha Masiuk @sashatattooing

Sasha Masiuk is a world-famous, award-winning tattoo artist. After working as a graphic designer, Sasha, and her husband, Pavel Dovgal opened Sashatattooingstudios in Moscow, Barcelona, Saint Petersburg, and Los Angeles. Together, they have turned the brand into an empire, hiring up and coming artists first as apprentices then as part of the Sashatattooingstudios team, with each artist specializing in their own unique and creative niche. Sashas work is recognizable by her detailed dot work and soft black lines. 


Chad Rowe @chadrowetattoos

Chad Rowe, co-owner of Underdogs Tattoo Gallery in New Castle, Indiana is an inspiring artist, creating beautiful and creative works of art for every client. Chad specializes in black and gray realism, color neo-traditional, and color realism. Chad famously tattooed Post Malone’s ‘Always Tired’ tattoo at the Underdogs Tattoo Gallery. 

Eden Kozokaro @Kozo_tattoo

Working at Bang Bang Tattoo in New York City, Eden Kozokaro specializes in miniature colored fine art tattoos. Originally from Quryat Ono, Israel, Eden Kozokaro indulges in miniature movie scenes, fine line paintings, comic book scenes, and bizarre drawings. He introduces tiny, intricate details into all of his pieces with interesting twists. He gains much of his inspiration from movies and pop culture, Israeli art, and the artists that he works next to at Bang Bang Tattoo. 


Tattoos are deeply personal, often sentimental, and showcases the person who wears them. These artists understand the work that they are doing, that this is work that cannot be replaced or redone. They understand what tattoos mean to people, that they are part of the person that chooses to wear them and they are honored to be able to create the visions that their clients desire. These artists strive to create, inspire, be inspired, and continue to perfect the craft.