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The Top Swimwear Trends of the Season

With Spring right around the corner and Summer not far behind, it is time to start shopping for swimwear all over again! With so many new swimwear trends and styles to keep up with each year, choosing can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, there are a handful of fabulous websites that offer the most up-to-date swimwear trends to keep you looking cool in the hot weather to come!

The Sexy Monokini

A spin-off of the classic one piece, the sexy monokini still trumps swimwear fashion for its comfortable coverage and sexy cut-outs.



The Sporty Suit

In the mood for beach volleyball or an impromptu surf lesson? This sporty-suit style is adorably playful and has enough support to keep everything in place for the more active beach go-er.



The Caged String Bikini

This new, sultry style is becoming extremely popular. With all its intricate twists and turns, this suit is sure to turn heads.



The Crochet Bikini

Bathing suit meets Bohemian. Comfortably soft and simple, yet sexy at the same time. Don’t be afraid to pair this suit with a maxi skirt or pair of jean shorts when hitting the beach bar. The stitched tops make for the cutest shirt with just about any outfit pairing!



The Bandaged Wrap-Around Bikini

The bandaged bikini is yet another trending style. This suit offers ideal support and coverage in all the right places even with its sophisticated twists and tangles.



The Halter Top Bikini

Not quite the tankini you wore when you were 12… This halter suit is easy and comfortable, captivating and care-free.



See Also

The Neon Style

Everyone knows neon makes your tan stand out. With these bikinis, you definitely won’t blend in!


The Fringe Look

This style adds the perfect amount of texture to the standard suit’s look. Feel like rocking a little “something extra”? Try one of these on for size.



The Basic Black Suit

Nearly everyone has a basic black bathing suit as a staple in their closet…but these suits aren’t basic at all. Try adding some gold body tattoos and jewelry as perfect accents.



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