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Top Spotify Playlists For Stressed Out Students

Top Spotify Playlists For Stressed Out Students

College can cause us to want to pull our hair out and punch a wall. With all this stress and negative vibes what can we use as something to get our mind off of those assignments and papers? Well, if you are a music junky like me, you will appreciate this article. Keep reading for some of the top Spotify playlists for any stressed out students!

Discover Weekly

If you aren’t already obsessed with Spotify and don’t know about its many wonderful benefits, try checking out your Discover Weekly playlist. Discover Weekly is updated every Monday and it is a playlist of songs Spotify thinks you might like based on what you listen to. It’s a great way to discover new songs and new music and is like finding buried treasure.


Afternoon Acoustic

This is one of my personal favorites and it was one of the first playlists I listened to on Spotify so it has a special place in my heart. It is currently filled with 126 tracks and Spotify just continues to add to it. It’s a mix of current hits and as well as songs by bands you probably have never heard of before. It’s 7 hours and 31 minutes in total of pure acoustic amazing-ness that will surely make you feel more at ease as you type up that paper.


Evening Acoustic

This is Afternoon Acoustic’s sister playlist. While Afternoon Acoustic is a little more light and cheery, Evening Acoustic is more on the thicker and darker side. (Hence, the names afternoon and evening.) This is a smaller playlist only composed of 83 songs. It’s a playlist that is meant to be listened to after you have gotten all your work done and you are just ready to call it a night and relax; maybe curled up in a blanket with a nice cup of tea.

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Relax & Unwind

This playlist is more for the alternative music lover. It has some classic artists like John Mayer and Mumford and Sons, but for the most part a lot of artists are unknown and their music is not as popular. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate it just as much. It is 100 songs and a total of 6 hours and 27 minutes. It’s an amazing playlist that really lives up to its title and its tag line: “Let your worries and cares slip away…”

Your Favorite Coffee House

This playlist will transform you into a cozy coffeehouse. The smooth acoustic coverbands, as well as other famous artists will soothe your worries away with the rhythmic, soft melodies. Pop your headphones in while chipping away at a long paper, grab a latte, and before you know it you will feel as if you are tucked away at your local coffee shop.

What are some other great Spotify playlists for any students who need to listen to stress-free music? Comment below for our readers and help ’em out! Share this article with friends!
top spotify playlist for stressed out students
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