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Top Safety Tips To Keep In Mind Next Time You Go Out

Top Safety Tips To Keep In Mind Next Time You Go Out

Top Safety Tips To Keep In Mind Next Time You Go Out

Before you begin getting all dolled up for a night out on the town, make a mental gameplan filled with safety tips for the night and pack your purse with a few precautionary must-haves to ensure your personal safety is secure. If you feel comfortable enough, one of the more intestine safety tips is to carry a small canister of pepper spray with you, in case a problematic event occurs that may put you in danger. Among other safety tips, it is also very important to take a stash of cash with you on a night out. Having an emergency stash can help you if your card isn’t working or gets lost. It may also end up being used as cash fair if your phone dies and Uber isn’t available to call.

Check out the rest of these following safety tips and guidelines to follow the next time you go out.

1. Squad Up!

If you’re out for a night on the town, chances are you’ve already gained a couple followers to take on the adventure with you. Make sure the few that tag along are trusted friends to ensure that they got your back all night, and won’t leave you on your own. Among other safety tips, remember is that there not only strength in number but safety. Going out with a large group increases your chances of staying safe because you’ll have more people to help you if lose your belongings or go home with you if you’ve had a little too much to drink.

Top Safety Tips To Keep In Mind Next Time You Go Out

2. Stay Together

The ultimate safety tips to remember when you’re going out is to pick a group of trusted people to go with and stay with this same group of people that you began your night with. If you are presented with a situation that would take you away from the rest of the group, its probably smart idea to avoid it. Even if your a few feet away at the bar getting a drink, make sure you tell your group where you are and keep tabs on each other’s movement. This motto is especially important when going to the bathroom. For most girls, the bathroom is the center for loads of gossip to expelled, so it’s pretty easy to already find yourself together with the stalls.

Top Safety Tips To Keep In Mind Next Time You Go Out

3. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

It can be easy to get lost in the fun of a highly dynamic club or bar environment, but it’s crucial to make your self aware of all of your surroundings. When first entering a new venue, take note of the location of exits and bathrooms, and scan the crowd and get a good grasp of the overall vibe. If you feel unsure then exit and find a different place to hang.

Make sure to maintain the security of all your possessions, buy keeping them close to you. Using a smaller sized purse with straps that are easy to hold, will help avoid losing it and everything inside. Another rule of thumb is to never, never, never set your drink down! Unfortunately, some sickly individuals will try to take advantages of others, by slipping date rape drugs into the drink of someone who isn’t paying attention. Avoid being the victim and keep tabs of your drink; and if you do set it down, do not whatsoever pick it up and drink the rest.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask questions. When ordering a ride from Uber or Lyft, make sure the driver is actually a certified driver before you get in the car. Double check that the license plate number and description of the car on your phone match the car that pulls up, confirm the driver’s name is the same as the name listed on the app, and make them confirm your name and your final destination before telling them.

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Top Safety Tips To Keep In Mind Next Time You Go Out

4. Have A Backup Plan

Just in case anything does happen to go awry, its important to be prepared in order to avoid being in a sticky situation. One of the most common things to happen while enjoying a night out with friends is having your phone lose all its battery. Before you leave for the night write down phone numbers of others going out with you and other reliable people you know. Having your phone die in the middle of the night can cause other problems as well, such as not being able to call an Uber or Lyft, so its a smart option to carry a fully juiced portable charger with you to prevent this from happening.

Another tip is to set up a meeting place inside and outside each venue you travel to with your group. If you do happen to lose sight of your friends, the meeting spot will be a resourceful tool to reunite and continue having a safe and fun night.

Top Safety Tips To Keep In Mind Next Time You Go Out

The final tip to stay safe is to never walk home alone. Avoid being susceptible to nighttime predators, and always go home with a group to ensure your own safety as well as the others around you.

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