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Top 10 Restaurants In Chicago

Top 10 Restaurants In Chicago

Chicago is home to the deep-dish pizza and is famous for not putting ketchup on our hot dogs! As a Chicago native, I am always on the lookout for my next delicious and original meal. Here are the 10 amazing restaurants in Chicago... in my opinion!

Chicago is home to the deep-dish pizza and is famous for not putting ketchup on our hot dogs! As a Chicago native, I am always on the lookout for my next delicious and original meal. Here are the 10 amazing restaurants in Chicago… in my opinion!

Nini’s Deli

Nini’s Deli, a casual deli owned by Juan Riesco, that serves delicious, multi-ethnic sandwiches with Cuban steak, with empanadas and delicious Café con Leche. Located in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago, this spot is a must for everyone to visit. With a glorious pink brick wall that tons of people use to take pictures for their Instagram feeds and the friendliest owner throughout all of Chicago, Nini’s Deli is a Chicago gem that is going to continue making an impact on the city!

Restaurants in Chicago to try.


Heartland Café

The Heartland Café is located in Rogers Park, right off of the Morse red line stop. An all-natural and organic restaurant with a progressive political history, the Heartland is a cornerstone of the Rogers Park neighborhood where members of the community enjoy a delicious meal where progressive politicians have organized with members of the community, such as Daniel Biss and Chuy Garcia!

Restaurants in Chicago to try.

Ponce Restaurant

An authentic Puerto Rican restaurant that has been around for over 15 years, Ponce has served their customers a delicious, homemade meal in a cozy environment that features live music on the weekends. Located in the Hermosa neighborhood of Chicago, you can sit down and enjoy a delicious plate of Pollo Guisado con Arroz y Gandules (Puerto Rican rice and stewed chicken) and a Jibarito de Bistec (a steak sandwich served on fried plantains!



Another Cuban restaurant, with three locations in the downtown area of Chicago, Cafecito serves traditional and delicious Cuban sandwiches, made with all-natural ingredients. All three locations are the perfect spots for business meetings, study sessions, or just a spot to relax and enjoy a delicious Cuban sandwich and coffee!

Stan’s Donuts

Stan’s Donuts has multiple locations throughout the city. Serving delicious and unique donut flavors, Stan’s is the perfect donut shop to take pictures of their unique donuts to beautify your Instagram feed! You’ve got try these restaurants in Chicago.

Nori Sushi

Nori Sushi is a Thai restaurant that serves amazing food. With three locations scattered throughout the city (Lake View, Wicker Park, and Edgewater) Nori is the perfect spot to get your Thai on! They serve everything from sushi to pad Thai to Thai iced coffee! Make sure to step in during their lunch hours for some good deals on maki!

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La Villa

Located in the Avondale neighborhood, La Villa is the perfect pizza spot, and the perfect venue to host a wedding! With good deals and fast delivery, La Villa serves the best, hot pizza in Chicago! Getting La Villa is a Sunday tradition in my household!

Jimmy’s Red Hots

This is Chicago after all, so what better place to get a hotdog than Jimmy’s Red Hots! Located near Humboldt Park, Jimmy’s is the perfect spot to get your hot dog fix! Standing room only, your choices are to eat quickly inside, or sit in your car and indulge in the aroma of your order! Don’t you dare ask for ketchup!


Budweiser Brickhouse Tavern

Located in the Park at Wrigley (now called Gallagher Way) the Budweiser Brickhouse Tavern is the perfect spot to ear before, after, or during a home Cubs game! You’re right in the heart of the action! Enjoy some delicious happy hour food and comfort food while catching a Cubs game!

R.J. Grunts

Located in Lincoln Park, R.J. Grunts is the perfect spot for some delicious comfort food! Known for its giant salad bar and nostalgic vibe, enjoy a nice meal and you can even head to the lake or Lincoln Park Zoo after your meal! Perfect for everyone!

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