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Top Reasons You Should Join A Club In College

Top Reasons You Should Join A Club In College

Clubs are not a new concept by the time you get to college, chances are you were first introduced to them around middle school, and if not, then most definitely in high school. Joining a club in college may not be a required activity but the payoff is well worth it if you invest your time in one. Here are the top reasons why you should join a club in college.

1. Meet New People

Clubs are a great way to get connected with a diverse group of people, especially when it’s your freshman year and new on campus. When joining a club or an organization in an area that is of particular interest to you, there is no better way to get started on meeting others who share the same interests.

Remember though, everyone comes with a different background, experience, and perspectives from yours and this is the beauty of clubs as they are a great way to find like-minded individuals while still expanding your horizons. So, step through the doors into the club room with an open mind and get ready to introduce yourself, you never know you may just find your new best friend there.

Top Reasons You Should Join A Club In College

2. Build Your Resume

Clubs can be great resume builders for your careers. Business students may join a business club, while computer science students may join a coding or robotics club. Other organizations such as Model UN and Mock Trial are also technically classified as clubs and are great activities to have on a resume.

Of course, not all clubs you partake in have to relate to your career path. Joining a writing or newspaper club doesn’t have to be exclusively for writing and journalism majors, but they are opportunities fuel a passion or improve your skills in writing and would be great to add to your resume. Your accomplishments in official activities you participated in such as writing for the school news or publishing articles are highlights for resumes. If you wish to take a step away from academic clubs, humanitarian clubs are also available such as UNICEF, the Red Cross Club, or various LGBTQ+ and other non-profit and social justice clubs.

3. Get Involved

Clubs are the perfect way for getting intimately involved with your campus community. Opportunities for meeting new people, bring about improved changes for your school, and cement your presence as an active community member on campus makes for a more meaningful and rewarding college experience. Clubs hold various events to keep everyone engaged whether it is for their own benefit of spreading their club mission, sharing their work, or recruiting more members from the student body.

Another popular activity for many clubs to get members involved is fundraising. Fundraising is not only necessary for clubs to fund their activities, but it is also a great way to make their presence known. While some clubs may get permission to hold a large event, clubs commonly engage in small-scale fundraising activities, such as selling boxed lunches or desserts in residence halls. Fundraising activities like these are an easy way to get involved without having to allocate too much time from your studies.

4. Continue Your Passion

Not all passions or hobbies are guaranteed to be related to your college studies, so a club is a great way to continue with what you enjoy while you focus on your academics. Being an Economics major does not mean that you will be forced to give up art, nor does it mean that you will stop playing soccer.

Continue to enjoy activities and stay motivated to pursue them by taking full advantage of what is offered through your school clubs. Don’t let passion die out simply because it may not be your career choice.

5. Try Something New

A club is an excellent way for you to pick up a new hobby and learn something new. Clubs are not limited to those who have experience in their focus area, they are meant for all who show interest. If you happen to be walking by a recruiting table and feel curious, don’t be afraid to stop by and inquire more.

Be sure to visit a variety of clubs, and if you find that perhaps it isn’t for you, it is absolutely fine to leave and explore other clubs and options. Recreational clubs do not require you to be a constant active member, however, if you are on a school sports team or on a competitive academic team then attendance may be necessary to retain your spot, in this case, make sure you’re willing to put in the time and dedication necessary. 

6. Find Your Footing

Clubs can help any new student find their footing and sense of place on campus. When first moving in, you may not know exactly where you fit in or may just simply feel uncertain as you navigate your new campus. Joining a club where you can meet people who already share a common interest with you can be a tremendous help in such a new environment.

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Finding your own group and rhythm may still be a bit difficult, but clubs can help you find those first few foot holes to help make your initial journey a lot easier and welcoming.

7. Have Fun

Have fun. The main reason you join a club should not be for extra credit or winning a competition, but because you find personal fulfillment and enjoyment in the club mission and activities. Clubs are an optional extra-curricular venture that students freely dedicate their time to, so if you join one, the best thing you can do is enjoy yourself.

Make friends with your club mates and don’t limit your interactions to only club times, contribute to conversations and take part in activities, or simply feel free to stand off to the side and enjoy things at your own pace. Don’t ever feel forced to dedicate more than you can and remember that you can always join or leave clubs at any time.

Top Reasons You Should Join A Club In College

8. Help You Learn to Balance School and Social Life

Clubs are a great way for students to start learning how to balance their academic life with their social one. Attending clubs and any outings or activities requires planning and for you to be able to adjust your schedule, whether it means finishing your homework later or leaving an activity early to attend a group meeting for a class project. Clubs help students get started and develop important time management skills that will serve them throughout their college years and beyond.

Top Reasons You Should Join A Club In College

What college club would you join? Leave a comment below!

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