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Top Places To Go When You’re Dating Yourself

Top Places To Go When You’re Dating Yourself

If in a relationship or not, a solo date once in a while is a must. And because sometimes the best company is non at all, these are some of the top places to take yourself.

The Movies

First thing first, in movies you can’t speak unless you enjoy being rude. When going by yourself, you need not worry about load chewers, commentators, and plot ruiners. The movies are cozy, private, and a great place to relax and enjoy. No need to share the popcorn, or awkwardly sit next to someone, exchanging quick glances to see if they’re enjoying it as much as you are, or if they’re looking at you. Plus, you get the best seat at the house, and you’ll never miss the trailers.

A Restaurant

Table for one isn’t and shouldn’t be a big deal. Think about it, a moment of indulging in your favorite foods, a moment of silence, and quiet. If you find it uncomfortable to stare at people while you wait for your food, bring a book or your work, and do as you will. When you’re dating yourself, it’s just a process of learning to be at peace with who you are. Try new dishes, explore new restaurants, and challenge yourself to break any stigma society may impulse.


A Museum

When alone, you can go at your pace and focus on those parts which interest you most.  Museums are full of wonderful exhibitions and presentations, and most are impossible to complete in a day. When you go by yourself, you invest how much you want, where you want for as long as you want. You connect more profoundly with your feelings and thoughts; go to exhibitions you would avoid otherwise, or revisit those you love. Sit in front of an interesting painting, and draw, write, or ponder. Being alone can increase creativity, and spark a connection you within yourself you didn’t know you had.

A Play

With plenty of different genres and venues to choose from, a play is like the cinema, a place to escape in order to connect with a story. Dress up, or down, and stroll by the bars, and meet new people. It’s known that attending the theater can relax you and boost your immune system. Others comment that it helps understand society and your place in it in a broader sense. If in the city, check the latest listings and if far, or unavailable to go, stream online plays in your place of preference.

A Comedy Show

Laughter is the best medicine and also a sign of having a good time. A comedy show is a great place to go when you’re dating yourself if you don’t want to be tied to interacting with someone but would like to share in a social space. Laughter is proven to reduce stress, and stimulate the brain in both a biological and intellectual way. Also, you can go sit, when you’re dating yourself, on the front row with less worry of being picked to participate, since couples tend to get the shorter end of the stick.


A Concert

Join in on the crowd, sing as loud or as quiet as you would like without having to worry if your partner is enjoying him or herself the same way. Like in the movies, it’s more likely you’ll get to pick the seat you want for the best view. You can arrive as early or as late as you like and you get to meet different types of people and form different types of relationships. Also, if its a boyband, rock, jazz, trap, hip-hop, classical, whichever concert you go to, you can fully enjoy your proud or guilty pleasures.

The Spa

Treat yourself. The spa is synonymous with relaxation, and what better scenario than a day of inner reflection, and mental and physical healing to achieve that state of peace. When you’re dating yourself, you can splurge on the extras, a few more minutes of massage, a body wrap, facial, hair styling, you name it! There is no pressure to talk or interact with others, with the benefit of having no awkward silence either. With active and passive alternatives to choose from, you go to the rhythm you want

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Shopping Mall

You’ll be surprised to know that you can still shop till you drop or hang by the mall when you’re riding solo. No one will tell you they’re tired of shopping or shift irritably while you stroll the store for the fourth time and still feel like one more look before you give up. You can arrive and leave when you prefer, exclude any store you’re not interested in,  meet new people, eat at your favorite place and have a lovely day. Shopping malls also conglomerate other dates ideas like going to the cinema and sipping a drink at the coffee shop.

A Coffee Shop

Just some good coffee, a book, podcast, silence, backdrop music, and your own beautiful company are all you need. In a coffee shop, you get to indulge in a sweet or savory snack, and a soothing drink, while you think and enjoy being in the now. Also, a relaxing place to enjoy a chat with someone new. If in need or want of a new book, move to a bookstore and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Anywhere you would like to go

Taking the necessary time to assess your needs is important and recommended. When you expose yourself to different environments and experiences, you strengthen and exercise different areas beneficial to your health. Go to those places that typically are seen as a couple’s place and do things that you wouldn’t normally try to do by yourself. You’ll be more empathic, independent, appreciative, and comfortable with yourself. Treat yourself to what you would normally treat someone else to. So if or when you’re dating yourself, enjoy the moment and have fun.


Where are you going for your next solo date? Tell us in the comment section!

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