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Top Perfect 10 Food Recipes For Meal Prep

Top Perfect 10 Food Recipes For Meal Prep

Top 10 Perfect Food Recipes For Meal Prep* Title change

Once an individual decides to get into meal prep and get all the necessary equipment, oftentimes they can be left asking “now what do I make?” so with that in mind, here’s 10 perfect food recipes/ideas for any newcomer to meal prep. 

1) Burrito Bowls

If you’re a fan of this item from the popular food chain know as Chipotle, then you’ll be happy to know that this meal carries over into meal prep as well. Given the diversity of this meal and the fact that portion sizes can be controlled easily-it is a perfect recipe to try for beginning meal preppers. Whether you want to go for lean beef, white meat chicken, or fish-you have plenty of protein options that pair well with your choices of rice, beans, sauces, cheeses and whatever else you like with your burrito bowls. And since this item is always mixed up, it can be made in large batches with sauces on the side and then packed up in your weekly meal plan containers. My caution is for you avocado/guacamole lovers out there-careful with this one and freezing meals for later in the week-avocados never seem to last long or start to get an off-taste quick.


2) Salad Wraps

This is a really good option for anyone looking to go for low carb meal prep. Instead of making your usual cold cut sandwiches or BLTS-wrap the ingredients in romaine heart leaves and eat them like finger food. This can be done with basic sandwich ingredients, chicken/tuna salad, or more veggies if you’re so inclined. Furthermore, because you’re limited by what you can wrap in a couple leaves you can limit portions quite neatly and separate them out in containers during your weekly meal prep.

Top 10 Perfect Food Recipes For Meal Prep

3) Overnight Oats

People are often surprised and questioning about this meal prep idea when I bring it up. Overnight oats are essentially rolled oats mixed with your choice of milk whether it be dairy or non-dairy and portions of fruit and any other ingredients that work for you. The point is that you get the consistency like oatmeal and then you refrigerate it the night before so when you wake up in the morning you have this hearty yet sweet parfait oatmeal kinda vibe. And you can take it cold or warmed up, however you like it. The number one way to apply this to meal prep is by using mason jars and filling them up with a week’s worth of your concoction of choice so that breakfast is quick and easy each morning. A fan favorite of most-myself included is to use combinations of bananas, blueberries, honey for some sweetness, or even peanut butter to give a thicker consistency and rock the sweet and salty lifestyle.


Top 10 Perfect Food Recipes For Meal Prep

4) Sliders

Now if the lettuce wraps weren’t your thing for meal prep, I highly recommend adopting the slider lifestyle. Pick yourself up a pack of slider buns at your local grocery store and get as simple or creative as you want. The point behind sliders is to limit your carb intake and make something smaller than a normal sandwich or burger that is easier to prep with and fit in containers.

5) Baked Oats

Take the leftover rolled oats from your overnight oats meal prep, and throw them in the oven. This is the same exact style of making oatmeal a part of your diet without the sloppy consistency that some don’t care for. Once you bake the oats it becomes more like a soft granola bar and is a lot more pleasing to the mouth in terms of texture.


6) Grilled Chicken and Veggie Bowls

Keeping it simple at its finest is great with meal prep. Grab yourself some lean chicken sear it up in a pan with a little oil, and chuck your choice of veggies in with it. This will be your number one quick and easy recipe for getting into meal prep. because what you can do with these bowls is flavor them up however you like. It’s literally the burrito bowl but less time and effort-perfect for people who like a few well-rounded flavors instead of a huge mix of ingredients in their meal prep.

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7) Fish And Chips

Similar to the above meal prep recipe while maintaining a fan favorite idea. instead of frying up some fish with some french fries, give the fish a good sear and instead take something like cauliflower or broccoli bread as you would for the fryer, but bake it in the oven. Which you can also do with the fish if you’re comfortable with the timing of the cooking in the oven. All in all, you get your omega 3’s and a satisfying crunchy breading on vegies instead of oily fries. 


8) Smoothies

A fan favorite, and simple meal prep idea. Grab your blender and blitz up your favorite combinations of fruits and veggies and store them in jars to pull out of the fridge when you need them. remember, its all about convenience.

9) Chicken And Avocado Burritos

Much like some of the other recipes listed here for meal prep, keeping things down to a few ingredients is best. Cook up your chicken how you like it, and process some avocado to accompany it on whole-grain or veggie wraps of your choosing. A very simple yet tasty flavor profile that makes well in large quantities and is simple to store in containers alongside some other veggies and fruits.

Top 10 Perfect Food Recipes For Meal Prep


10) Rice Crispies

No joke, you read that right, rice Krispies are actually a wonderful treat to use in meal prep. It’s a simple recipe that can be altered with non-dairy milk or things like peanut butter to give more protein. On top of that, it stores perfectly in the fridge/freezer and still comes out tasting amazing-a must try for beginning meal prepper looking for some sweetness in their meals.

Please in the comments below let us know your take on these meal prep recipes/ideas and how you personalized them. The great thing about the meal prep community is all the creativity everyone has to share. Give these a try when you’re starting out and see what everyone else is doing.

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