10 Top Party Colleges In The U.S.

Parents would love to believe that college is all about academics and gaining knowledge of a particular career field. And although that may be somewhat true, in all actuality, it’s much more than just that. The most notable experiences most students remember are the long nights of partying, and we’ve made it our business to find out which U.S. schools do it best! Here are the top 10 party colleges in the U.S.

1. Tulane University

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, Tulane ranks at the top of our list of party colleges. It is a mid-size private institution with approximately 6,000 undergraduate students enrolled. The most popular major that students study here are Finance, Business, and those of Health professions in which they pay an average of $33,000 per year in financial aid costs (approximately).

Tulane is a tough university to get into though. With an acceptance rate of only 21%, the university is very selective and expects students to have an SAT score of at least 1330 coupled with an ACT score of 30 at the minimum.

So attending Tulane can be quite rewarding. If you do happen to be admitted though, make sure your priorities are in order. These students can party! We didn’t list them at #1 for no reason.

10 Top Party Colleges In The U.S.

2. University of Georgia

Ranking at #2 of the party colleges in the U.S., University of Georgia, or UGA, is a large public institution in Athens, Georgia. Admissions aren’t as demanding as Tulane, but still fairly competitive with an acceptance rate of 54%. There are over 27,000 undergraduate students here who typically study Finance, Psychology, and Biology.

If you choose to attend UGA, expect Greek life and sports to be a big part of your college experience. If these students only had one thing on Earth, it’d definitely be passion. A passion for their Dawgs and a passion for partying.

10 Top Party Colleges In The U.S.

3. West Virginia University

West Virginia University is also a large institution, but one that’s rather easier to get into. Just about 72% of students who apply are accepted with requirements of a minimum 1020 score on the SAT or 21 on the ACT. About 20,000 undergraduate students are enrolled and are paying an average of $11,000 in financial aid costs (approximately).

School pride is big here at WVU, so get used to hearing “Let’s go Mountaineers” if you attend!

10 Top Party Colleges In The U.S.

4. University of Wisconsin

Similar to UGA, here’s another one of the party colleges that’s large with slightly competitive admission rates. There are nearly 30,000 undergraduate students, but only 54% of students who apply are accepted. Most students graduate with degrees in Biology, Economics and Information Science.

Although Greek life is present on campus, a majority of the students here don’t claim it to be a life-defining status symbol; you’ll be perfectly fine and won’t be viewed any differently if you don’t join.

10 Top Party Colleges In The U.S.

5. Howard University

Howard is an above-average historically black college located in Washington, D.C. The institution is mid-sized with only about 6,000 undergraduate students. 41% of students who apply are accepted and, out of the 63% of students who go on to graduate, the most popular majors are Biology, Communications, and Physical Education Teaching and Coaching.

100% of freshman live on-campus, and in such a popular city, it would be kind of hard for Howard not to have a ranking on the list of top party colleges. If you attend, just make sure you remain goal-oriented and don’t lose focus!

10 Top Party Colleges In The U.S.

6. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

This institution is not only #6 of the top party colleges in the U.S., but it also ranks as #1 of the top public universities in its state of Illinois. It’s the largest college we’ve reviewed yet with 32,000 undergraduate students who pay an average of $16,000 in financial aid costs.

Nearly 70% of students say Greek life plays a big role in the experience on campus, so be mindful of that if you decide this is the school for you.

10 Top Party Colleges In The U.S.

7. Indiana University – Bloomington

At #7 on our list of top party colleges, Indiana University, or IU, is a public institution located in Bloomington, Indiana. The school is relatively easy to get into considering their requirements of a minimum 1140 SAT score and acceptance rate of 76%.

Varsity sports are a big deal on this campus. If you’ve never heard of a Hoosier before attending this school, you will definitely become familiarized and well-versed by the time you graduate!

10 Top Party Colleges In The U.S.

8. The University of Alabama

Located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, The University of Alabama ranks #8 with just under 30,000 undergraduate students. 53% of students are accepted and 68% of the student body goes on to graduate.

Just about everything on campus here is revolved around sports. And where there are sports, there are parties. Tailgates, pre-games, post-game parties, etc. Make sure you have some comfortable outfits because most times, you’re likely to be out for the entire day!

10 Top Party Colleges In The U.S.

9. Florida State University

Florida State University is another one of the party colleges with a large student body, having more than 29,000 undergraduate students enrolled.

Greek life is prevalent and similar to Alabama, sports are a big part of campus life. Students here also seem to agree that there is no way to generalize the typical FSU student; there are so many different kinds of people from different walks of life that you’d never know who you could run into.

10 Top Party Colleges In The U.S.

10. University of Texas – Austin

The University of Texas, or UT, is located in Austin, Texas without any worry of a shortage of students; there are 37,000 of them. However, admissions are kind of tight with only a 36% acceptance rate.

Following the trend of the last few previous party colleges, students at UT take pride in their sports. They view themselves as well-rounded and masters of the balance between getting things done and turning up!

10 Top Party Colleges In The U.S.

You’re almost guaranteed a great experience at any of these party colleges listed above. People will be met and memories will be made. But again, be sure to stay on top of your responsibilities! With so much stuff going on around you, it can be easy to get caught up and sucked into the temptation. Work hard, then play hard!

Thinking about attending any of these party schools? Or do you feel like your school deserves a spot on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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