Top 10 Pam and Jim Moments Of The Office

Jim and Pam are the star couple of the show, The Office. From the beginning, we have followed their storyline to see how this couple has developed both separately and together. Through heartbreak and many tears, these are the top ten Jim and Pam moments in The Office!

Beware, spoilers ahead.

1. Pam Falls Asleep On His Shoulder (S1, E2 “Diversity Day”)

In this episode, Jim has a bad day in the office. He wants to re-up the annual sell that holds a quarter of his yearly commission, but the sale is stolen by Dwight. At the end of the episode, while there is a meeting held in the conference room, Pam falls asleep on Jim’s shoulder to which brings him an immense delight! Jim confesses to the cameras after that moment that it was “Not a bad day.”

Top 10 Pam And Jim Moments Of The Office

2. Jim’s Christmas Present (S2, E10 “Christmas Party”)

The office holds a Secret Santa and, luckily, Jim gets Pam. Jim wants to make it the best possible gift for her and gets her what he knows she wants: a teapot. Inside the teapot, he has an array of personal items that are inside jokes between them, and he includes a personal letter from him. Unfortunately, Michael was not content with his gift of an oven glove from Phyllis, so he introduces a “Yankee Swap” for everybody to switch and steal other people’s gifts. Pam gets a hold of the $400 iPod meant for Ryan and Dwight takes the teapot. However, Pam trades Dwight the iPod for the teapot out of gratitude for Jim’s effort.

Top 10 Pam And Jim Moments Of The Office

3. Save The Receptionist (S2, E11 “Booze Cruise”)

In the Booze Cruise arranged by Michael to get the office to ease up, Jim was asked who he would save if the ship sank. He answers that he would save the receptionist, how sweet!

Top 10 Pam And Jim Moments Of The Office

4. The First Kiss (S2, E22 “Casino Night”)

After the office’s Casino Night, Pam is saying goodbye to Roy when Jim runs out to tell Pam that he is in love with her. She denies him and then goes up to the office to tell her mother. Jim finds her there and goes straight to kiss her, and she kisses him back. She says that it was not meant to be because she is still going to marry Roy.

Top 10 Pam And Jim Moments Of The Office

5. Ask Her Out To Dinner (S3, E24 “The Job”)

Pam felt like she had no hope for Jim after she called off her wedding with Roy and Jim moved on. As she was saying this, Jim walks in the door and asks her out to dinner and says it is a date. She smiles at the camera instantly.

Top 10 Pam And Jim Moments Of The Office

6.  When They First Knew (S4, E5/6 “Launch Party”)

Jim and Pam steal a pizza box from the office party and bring it up to the roof. They both talk about what was the time they knew they liked one another.

Top 10 Pam And Jim Moments Of The Office

7. Jim Proposes to Pam (S5, E1/2 “Weight Loss”)

After fake-proposing to Pam numerous times, Jim could not wait any longer. He finally proposed to Pam at a gas station midway between Scranton and New York in the pouring rain since he had missed her so much. He knew that their love would last, no matter that present distance!

Top 10 Pam And Jim Moments Of The Office

8. Pam’s Pregnant (S5, E28 “Company Picnic”)

After Pam and Jim were playing volleyball with the rest of the company, star player Pam hurt her ankle and was sent to the hospital with Jim to get checked out. At the hospital, she found out she was pregnant!

Top 10 Pam And Jim Moments Of The Office

9. Niagara Falls (S6, E 4/5 “Niagara”)

Plan B was to get married at the church, Plan C was to go to Niagara Falls, and of all, Plan A was to marry her from the start. After Pam was devastated by her veil tearing, Jim cut his tie to make her feel better. They were both stressed out with the people in their wedding and wanted this to be their moment. Therefore, they ditched their own wedding to go to Niagara Falls to got married in the boat.

Top 10 Pam And Jim Moments Of The Office

10. The Only List That Matters (S8, E1 “The List”)

The office was in a frenzy after finding out that Robert California, the new CEO, has written a “winner” and “loser” list. Jim is on the winner list and Pam is on the loser list. Jim writes a list for Pam of what matters the most to him, and Pam cries at the sight of it saying only her and their children.

Top 10 Pam And Jim Moments Of The Office

What are your favorite Pam and Jim moments? What was the most heartbreaking one? Which one brought you the most joy? Tell us in the comments!

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