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Top Jewelry Trends On Instagram You Should Know

Top Jewelry Trends On Instagram You Should Know

Having a wonderful jewelry piece can change an outfit from drab to fab in just minutes. While scrolling through Instagram we notice many influencers advertising jewelry pieces and trends that we love. We’ve narrowed down the list of trends for you so here are the Top Jewelry Trends On Instagram You Should Know.

1. Dainty Rings

Dainty rings have become popular jewelry trends as brands have taken a modern and simplistic approach to rings lately and elevating them to luxurious standards. The allure of a minimalist design is that it allows a ring to be flexible enough to match many different styles. This allows for people living a high paced lifestyle to have a piece of jewelry that is able to translate from one outfit to another seamlessly.

Flashy and heavy rings are definitely to be avoided, so jump on the bandwagon and get yourself some dainty rings that will add that certain something to an outfit, whatever it may be.

Top Jewelry Trends On Instagram You Should Know

2. Stackable Rings

Since rings are more dainty than ever, they are thin enough to stack. Stackable rings are huge jewelry trends on Instagram with brands selling an array of rings meant to be worn as a unit  and not as individual pieces. You can take it once step further by  creating a customized collection of rings yourself that you can mix and match.

Ring placements can be all over your finger, and on every finger, with smaller rings even being placed right under the nail and above your finger bone. Have fun with this trend and wear it however you’d like!

Top Jewelry Trends On Instagram You Should Know

3. Engagement-Style Ring

These jewelry trends have picked up pace with those that appreciate a little sparkle now and then without the commitment of an engagement ring. With brands increasingly creating beautiful statement pieces at a reasonable price point, customers are excited and getting an affordable engagement-style ring for themselves.

Emerald cut stones and princess style rings are now statement pieces that are classy enough to be worn for an everyday look.  Some companies, such as Charmed Aroma, have taken it a step further by creating beautiful rings in sterling silver and pairing them with a candle in every purchase – what a bargain!

Top Jewelry Trends On Instagram You Should Know

4. Gold

One of the biggest jewelry trends at the moment, and one in which we don’t see stopping anytime soon, is the use of gold. The color gold, and the material itself, is being used for rings, bracelets, necklaces, and body jewelry.

With most customers becoming health conscious with their jewelry material, gold metal in its authenticity is being sought after more than ever before. Most brands, such as jewelry brand Mejuri based in Toronto, offer an affordable price point on their gold jewelry while still creating unique and elegant pieces.

Top Jewelry Trends On Instagram You Should Know

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5. Space Inspired

Some of the cutest jewelry trends happening at the moment are the resurgence of astral and planetary designs. Many earrings, necklaces, and rings have star, moon, or planet designs on them – and we are loving it!

Giving off some serious Sailor Moon vibes, many influencers have at least one staple piece from space. Astrology necklaces are also very popular as you can customize them with your zodiac symbol or picture.

Top Jewelry Trends On Instagram You Should Know

6. Buildable Necklaces

Following with the dainty and stackable trends for rings, this same trend can be used for necklaces. Thin and simple necklaces with one or two charms hanging from it are very popular at the moment.

Since they are lightweight as well, you can stack them around your neck without having to feel weighed down. The goal is to stack them two or three at a time and not to go too heavy or overboard with how many you have on.

Top Jewelry Trends On Instagram You Should Know

Which of these jewelry trends would you try? Tell us in the comments below which trend you liked the most.

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