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The Top Hangout Spots For CSUN Students

The Top Hangout Spots For CSUN Students

CSUN students have so many places to hangout, however, these are the best of the best on California State Universities campus.

College is a busy time for students. From classes, to sports practice, to club meetings, sometimes all you want is a break. There is good news for CSUN students because the campus has some great spots to hang out. Whether you are hanging out between classes or looking to relax after a big exam, here are the top hangout spots for CSUN students.

1. Oviatt Library

With a newly redesigned first-floor lounge, this is the perfect spot to hang out. The first floor of the library features circular sofas, a Freudian Sip, and rows of books so you could unwind after a busy day of classes. In case you actually do have to study for an exam, the library has private study rooms so you can cram for an exam undisturbed. If you have a break between classes here is an insider tip. Reserve one of the individual study rooms and take a nap. But you didn’t hear it from me!The Top Hangout Spots For CSUN Students

2. The Pub

Of course one of the top hangout spots at CSUN has to be where the alcohol is located. The Pub features some great food including burgers, sandwiches, chicken strips, and the best fries you’ve ever tasted. I like mine with honey mustard, don’t judge. It is a full blown sports bar complete with bar stools and flat screens so you don’t miss a game. Take a seat, grab a cold one, and catch a game. Go Matadors!The Top Hangout Spots For CSUN Students


3. The Oasis

Located at the University Student Union (USU), this place was made for the purpose of student relaxation. Being a student can be overwhelming and whoever designed this place needs major props. True to its namesake, this lounge has sleeping pods and patio furniture galore for you to sit and catch up with friends or to sit and study. Take a nap and refuel or just sit around and relax. The atmosphere is serene at this hangout so get your zen on!The Top Hangout Spots For CSUN Students

4. The Tree Circle

As you walk onto campus from the Nordhoff entrance, you will come face to face with a huge, seemingly normal, circular tree. Though it seems like a regular tree, take a peek inside and you have found your new favorite hangout spot. It is hollow inside so you can sit right in the center and meditate. It’s kind of ideal. If you got lucky at orientation and had a tour guide take you here, then you know that this is the perfect hiding spot when you just need to escape the chaos of a college life. This sounds weird, but sometimes you just need to be one with nature to get back on track.

The Top Hangout Spots For CSUN Students

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5. The Pond

Talk about serene! Do you need to unwind after a tough exam? Is a paper giving you trouble? Do you just need a minute to collect your thoughts? This is the perfect place to have some alone time. Except, you won’t be alone because there are ducks and turtles everywhere. Hours can be spent here just feeding the animals. Take a stroll through the surrounding orchards and you will be feeling refreshed in no time.The Top Hangout Spots For CSUN Students

6.Recreation Center

The gym is actually a great place for CSUN students to de-stress. Get on a treadmill, put on some music, and just zone out. If you don’t feel like hitting the weights, you could try some other activities the gym provides including cycling classes, aquatics, and rock climbing. Exercising was never more exciting and it will help you take your mind off of whatever is causing you stress. If you really want to blow off some steam, why not try their boxing classes?The Top Hangout Spots For CSUN Students


Have you been to any of these hangout spots for CSUN students? Let us know in the comment section below!

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