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The 10 Top Hair Hacks To Try This Winter

The 10 Top Hair Hacks To Try This Winter

One of your top beauty concerns in winter is probably dry skin. While you might already have invested in lotion to keep your hands soft and moisturized, have you thought about your hair? Winter can also be a harsh season for hair care, because the cold dry air can damage your hair, making it frizzy and brittle, so far removed from the beachy waves and balayage you sported all summer. But, you don’t have to give in, because the hair gods are here to help you protect your hair. Try these 10 top hair hacks to try this winter!

1. Put a dryer sheet over your hair brush.

What did you think dryer sheets did? You use them in your laundry to minimize static between the clothes. That’s why they help prevent static and frizz in your hair when you put it over your hair brush. Just make sure to change it regularly, so it doesn’t attract buildup.

2. Use an ionic hair dryer.

If your hair gets really frizzy, an ionic hair dryer might also help, in addition to the dryer sheets. The ions released by the hair dryer negate static again, which causes frizz. Tourmaline ionic hair dryers are a popular variety, and they can be found in almost any beauty or hair care store and even in department stores.


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3. Deep condition your hair.

Deep conditioning does not mean you have to go to the salon twice a week. You can find plenty of deep conditioners, especially by brands such as Garnier, or Whole Blends, or Pantene, to leave in after a shower. Deep conditioners help you deal with split ends while moisturizing the strands. Conditioners with coconut oil are popular right now, too.

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4. Natural oil conditioners.

Natural oils such as coconut oil and olive oil can also be used as deep conditioners. Just massage into the scalp before bed and wash out with shampoo in the morning. Or, you could just leave it in for an hour. But, take note, coconut oil has a much higher melting point than olive oil. So, if you open your bottle to find it solid, don’t worry. Just rub a scoop in your palms and it’ll melt, or use olive oil instead. You can also melt the coconut oil by heating in a bowl over warm water, and you can mix it in with olive oil.

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5. Lower your shower temperature.

Hot water dries out the skin, and hair as well. Showering in lukewarm water instead of hot will help combat the dryness and frizz in hair. But, if you just can’t give up the hot showers, turn the water to cold just before you get out because the cold water seals the follicles to make your hair shiny and frizz free.


6. Defeat hat hair.

Instead of not using hats at all (because it gets cold, you’ve got to protect your head, after all), try braiding hair before you put the hat on and undoing the braids when you take it off. This way, you can put the hat to work as a styling tool.

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7. Trim the split ends.

You should be trimming your hair every couple of months, so when you know winter is on its way, it’s also time for a trim. If you don’t trim the split ends, they can extend so that half the strand is split, making it easier for hair to break and get damaged. Trimming your hair ensures that the split ends can’t get any worse, and makes for healthier hair. Some people even believe it helps your hair grow faster.


8. Dry Hair with a T-shirt.

If you don’t like to use heat on your hair, but still don’t want to leave the house with wet hair, try drying it with an old cotton t-shirt. People with curly hair should do this especially, regardless of the season, because it helps maintain the curl shapes, and combats frizz.

9. Avoid harsh chemicals.

Keep the bleaching for the summer. Using harsh chemicals in your hair, when it is already dry and in danger of breaking, will just exacerbate the condition. Use subtle highlights instead of a full blown bleaching.

10. Wash your hair less.

Instead of washing it every day, wash 2-3 times a week. Doing this will avoid over drying the scalp, which causes dryness in the hair strands. If you’re afraid your hair will be too gross to function, maybe use a dry shampoo. But, in the winter, the natural oils in your scalp will help seal in the moisture and prevent hair from drying out.


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