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Top Five Affordable Fitness Clothing Brands for Women

Top Five Affordable Fitness Clothing Brands for Women

Are you someone who has a rigorous workout schedule? Or are you someone who only works out when someone asks you too because you don’t want to work out alone? For me, I only workout three to four times a week. Do I always enjoy it? No, but living a healthy lifestyle and staying fit is something I have to do in order to stay sane. It’s also a great stress reliever for me when life alone gets difficult. Whatever your reason is for going to the gym or doing a quick work out at home, I have found that if I look good (or think so) then I feel good and working out tends to be more fun. Let’s face it, the world alone is expensive. Athletic wear is not the cheapest piece of clothing, so that is why I am here to bring you the top five affordable clothing brands that you can keep in your closet.


Oh, Amazon, I sure do love you. Not only does Amazon provide affordable clothing for when you are working out, but shipping is cheap as well. And if you have Amazon Prime? When you order your favorite pieces, they will arrive quicky (hopefully) at your door within just a couple of days. I only say hopefully because with the Covid-19 pandemic, there are worker shortages everywhere and even the shipment of items may take longer than usual. Do you have a cycling class on Thursday but would like a new pair of leggings to show off? Order from this online company on Monday and you will have your brand-new leggings just in time. Here is a pair of leggings that I recently found a love for. They’re soft, have pockets and are perfect if you’re out walking with a friend. Price? Only $23.99Amazon Leggings


I truly welcome you to the world online shopping with Thredup. It’s an online consignment company that was founded in 2009 and is only now in the past couple of years become extremely popular. It’s your ultimate thrift store which contains clothes from a variety of fitness brands like Adidas, Athleta, Nike and L.L Bean. A bonus to this company? They believe in sustainable fashion with affordable clothing to help you save money all while looking your best. Not only do they have fitness clothing, but accessories like handbags and hats. You can also shop by brand or by outfit. One last perk? Continuous deals that will help you save money. Below is an Athleta Active Tank Top, perfect for when you’re on the treadmill or lifting weights. Price is $17.39 and the retail is expected to be $71. Now that is a steal!Athleta Top



Oh, Target, you forever have my heart. I am a Target shopper and I’m not sure if that will ever change. This store contains everything from personal hygiene items, food, games and of course, fitness clothing brands. It’s affordable clothing right at your fingertips, especially if you are an online shopper like me. Or you can shop in store, too and the prices will be just the same. They have a variety of pieces that will have people constantly jealous of what is in your closet. They also have exercise and fitness equipment like dumbbells, yoga matts and workout benches, so while you’re shopping for that new affordable clothing outfit, you can also purchase a jump rope or resistance bands while you’re at it. All budget friendly for you wallet!

Joy Lab Hoodie

Dicks Sporting Goods

I have been shopping at Dicks Sporting Goods for years and I swear that they always have something good. If you’re looking for an affordable clothing brand, then this place is for you. Whether you’re shopping online or in store, while shopping for fitness clothes, you can also pick up a new water bottle that will keep you hydrated and stay cold longer than other store brands that you may shop at.  From Nike, Adidas, Under Armor and Carrie Underwood’s, Calia, you will find everything that is necessary for your working out needs. What is my favorite piece at the moment? Take a look below!


FP Movement by Free People Women’s The Way Home Shorts. Price? $30.00 and they come in a variety of colors such as red rendezvous, cherry bomb and dark turquoise!Free People Shorts

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is your everyday discount store that is perfect if you’re looking for lower prices from top notch brands such as Athleta, Adidas, Nike and everything in between. I have been shopping here for years and am never disappointed. Most of the time you can save up to 60% off on items, particularly those that normally expensive and you never thought you would purchase when you’re out and about at the mall. They even have a decent shoe selection if you are wanting some new kicks to go along with your new affordable clothing outfit! What is the biggest perk of TJ Maxx? There is SO much to choose from! You can also shop online if you are not able to go into the store and shop directly. As of right now there is free shipping on all orders of $89+ and there are free returns at your local store. They are also having constant deals, so if you are on a budget, TJ Maxx is the place to shop for if you’re looking to save more money than at an actual Nike store. I really like this Adidas Golf UpF Quarter Zip Long Sleeve Pullover. It comes in two colors: black and pink multi. Are you going for a run on a chilly morning? If so, purchase this to keep you warm while you’re outside staying fit. Price is only $19.99.Adidas Zip-Up

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More affordable fitness brands: 


Next, we have Fabletics! You have most likely seen commercials with Kate Hudson on the television or adds on the internet. It was founded in 2013 so it is rather new, but it is one the most popular online fitness brands. A good thing to know is that is by membership only ($54.95 a month), but it includes many perks–one of them being that the clothes easily affordable and there is free shipping on anything that is $49.95. What is not to love? 

Old Navy

I am a BIG lover of Old Navy, and not only do I show here for every day clothing like blouses and shorts, but also fitness clothes, which is one thing that I believe many people forget when coming to this store. They are continuously having sales and upgrading their athletic isle, with almost always new pieces of clothing every time you shop in store online. 


Now although I enjoy shopping at Old Navy, one place that I love more is Gap. Prices usually range from $10 – $35 per item and they have sales on almost a regular basis. They have clothes, shoes, accessories and one of the most important pieces of clothing of all…. fitness clothes. Now, unfortunately they do have a big selection, it is rather small, but when you do find a piece for you closet, I can promise you that the it will be affordable, along with being incredibly fashionable as well. 


Do you believe that if you look good, you feel good, especially when working out? What are some of your favorite affordable fitness brands that are not listed above? Comment and tell us below!