Top 5 Eclectic Places In Greensboro North Carolina

Whether you are in town visiting or you are attending one of the local universities, such as the University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG), Greensboro is slowly popping up with fun, eclectic hangouts, restaurants and shops. Below are my top 5 favorite eclectic spots in Greensboro North Carolina and why!

1. Coffeehouse cinema/nerd-joint/bar anyone?

The ultimate hangout spot is Geeksboro,  Greensboro’s one and only coffeehouse cinema. Upstairs is a large, open lounge area with the coffee bar and register at the back of the room. This place also contains a smaller back room used for Mario Kart competitions, a Doctor Who telephone booth in one corner, a large projection screen in the front that is always playing vintage cartoons, and downstairs is a small theatre that transitions to an impromptu comedy show. Nerd or not, if the free video games and board games don’t peak your interest, the coffee and select beers are sure too!

2. Taco Tuesday? I’ll eat tacos every day!

One place I love with a passion, so much a passion in fact that I had them cater my wedding, is Crafted The Art of the Taco. Located downtown, this is a small joint with big flavor. They offer delicious concoctions of tacos and homemade pita tortillas and sweet potato chips. If you get their pita tortilla chips, be sure to try their fresh guacamole or pico de gallo because they are both out of this world!

3. Need to do some unusual shopping?

Eclectic by Nature is located near UNCG and offers the locals unusual gifts and Earth Spirituality products such as herbal healing and aromatherapy. While many may say the voodoo and Tarot cards are a bit much, you could find some nice essential oils and jewelry here.

 4. Tate Street is the definition.

Overall, Tate Street is the definition of eclectic in Greensboro North Carolina. Also near the UNCG campus, Tate Street is full of coffeehouses, shopping, fun places to eat, and even Insomnia Cookies for the students studying late into the night.

5. Read a book and share the wine.

Last, but not least, on our list is Scuppernong Books, located in downtown Greensboro North Carolina.  The bookstore features fiction and poetry, a children’s section, and a café with food, coffee, and wine. They regularly hold a French conversation group and meditation, as well as book readings. If you’re looking for something different, leave the hustle and bustle of chain bookstores, pop in to Scuppernong, purchase a book and a glass of wine, and relax, breathe in that homey book smell.

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