Top Dorm Bedding Ideas

When decorating your dorm room, the first thing you will purchase is most likely your dorm bedding. Since you have very little space to work with, your bed will be a very important part of your decor, so you should think twice before making an impulsive purchase. There are thousands of dorm bedding available online so it can be tough to make a decision. The typical size of a dorm bed is Twin XL. However, if you decide to loft your bed, you can get a way with a Full/Queen size comforter and Twin XL sheets. The comforter will hang about 10 inches on the sides. To help you pick out your bedding, we have gathered a list of some of our favorite dorm bedding. Don’t forget to check our sister site for student discounts on dorm bedding and other back to school supplies.

Bright and Cheery

Keep the sunshine glowing in your dorm room all year long with bedding that projects vibrant hues and cheerful patterns. Bright colors help spruce up the often drab and dreary colors of dorm room walls and floors.



Flower Obsessed

Who doesn’t automatically smile when they see flowers? Don your bed with a floral comforter to keep your mood high, even during the most stressful of times (I’m looking at you midterms).



Peace, Love and Happy Dreams

Bring out your inner hippie with these 70s inspired bedding. Tie dye patterns and bohemian motifs offer a great laid-back vibe, and allow for you to play with colors without going overboard.

Top Dorm Bedding Ideas  


Patterns We Love

Opt for bedding that has a large and distinct pattern and your room is immediately transformed! You can stick to simple decor for the rest of your dorm and let the bedding speak for itself.



Perfectly Preppy

Whether it be polka dots, stripes, monograms or that infamous pink and green paisley – these preppy dorm looks will never go out of style!

Top Dorm Bedding Ideas  Top Dorm Bedding Ideas


Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns when it comes to your dorm bedding. Stick to a general color scheme (around 4-5 colors) so it doesn’t become too overwhelming, but the point of this style is to think outside of the box!

Top Dorm Bedding Ideas  


Wanderlust Dreaming

Put your travel-lusting dreams on display with bedding that shows off your interests. Bold quotes, maps, or any other image that portrays your love of traveling will definitely be a conversation starter for anyone who walks into your dorm room!

Top Dorm Bedding Ideas  




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