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The Top 10 Best Food Places In Toms River

The Top 10 Best Food Places In Toms River

The best food places in Toms River are as follows. Find out where the best places to eat in Toms River are with these 10 Toms River food places to eat.

There are thousands of reasons to hangout in Toms River, New Jersey but one of the top choices definitely has to be the food. From boardwalk pizza all the way to sweet, sugary donuts- we truly have it all. If you live in TR and have never been to some of these places, grab your car keys right now, your wallet and go; I promise you, your life will change after just one bite. Here are the 10 best food places in Toms River.

1. Ob-Co’s or Uncle Doods? We do-nut know who to choose.

Donuts have always been and always will be an American favorite and these two shops totally attest to that fact. Wether you are in downtown Toms River or driving down Fischer Blvd, you must stop for these delicious dough balls of happiness. Ob-Co’s is the ideal spot to stop right before the beach; this wholesome family owned business feels just like home, only it smells much, much sweeter and tastes even better. Another shope called Uncle Dood’s is located downtown: a tiny store stock full of plain donuts ready to be covered in scrumptious toppings and icing- the fruity pebbles donut is 100% my favorite. These two businesses are a prime example of how big of a sweet tooth TR has.

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2. Burgers + fries = happy girls and guys.

Everyone loves a good (veggie) burger and french fries but you truly have not lived if you haven’t bitten into a Burger 25 burger. From their boardwalk fries with their special sauce to their thick milkshakes, they definitely serve some of the greatest food in Toms River. After a long day at the beach, it is common to drive down RT 37 for some B25 since it is so filling, and delicious. Another added bonus is that every month the milkshake flavors change and so we get to discover a new flavor 12 times a year! My heart aches for every other town without Burger 25. I am forever thankful I grew up in TR.

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3. Totally TR Tacos.

Surf Taco is hands down the greatest burrito and taco place. Their warm beachy atmosphere along with the relaxed tunes helps make the overall experience ten times better. The salsa station is heaven sent and goes perfectly with their crunchy chips. Literally anything off the menu is bound to be exquisite; this is most definitely the place my TR friends and I miss the most about home when we are away at college. Surf Taco Silverton in Toms River is a must eat! This truly is one of the best food places in Toms River.


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4. Sushi by the sea shore.

Japanese food is usually a crowd favorite but unfortunately it is also usually very expensive. But fear not TR! Uminoya located in Silverton is one of the cheapest sushi places in Toms River but the prices are in no way an example of the quality of the food. The rolls never disappoint and neither does the bill at the end. You’ll end up full and so will your wallet as you walk out the door.

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5. Nothing beats an NJ bagel.

People who live on the West Coast do not know what a great bagel tastes like- until they come East. For some reason, NJ and NY bagels are just the best of the best. SilverBay Bagels on Hooper Ave is great all the way from the walk inside, when you are greeted by the friendly staff, to the drive home, as you smell the freshly baked bagels calling your name while they sit on the car seat next to you. When the store remodel occurred and the name changed it was unsettling at first but TR quickly realized that even though the store was altered, the bagels were not. Whatever the name is, we will always stand in line for those amazing bagels. You can see why this makes the best food places in Toms River list.

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6. Breakfast at Fast Break? That sounds confusing.

Route 37 is the location to so many of the great food places in TR; right by Burger 25 is another delicious establishment called Fast Break. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Let me guess.. they sell breakfast?”, that is correct! It also happens to be correct that their breakfast is quite mouth watering. The prices are insanely reasonable- perfect for a young, broke teen like myself! Their servings are so large and the meals may just be better than mom’s home-cooking (sorry ma!). This is the ideal spot for any one looking for a quick bite at a great price. Toms River truly caught a (fast) ‘break’ when this restaurant opened. Oh dear, I hope someone gets that pun.


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7.  (P)eople (L)ove (A)ll (Y)our (A)cai.

The newest food craze called Playabowls has been sweeping the East Coast (pretty much only NJ). Toms River finally got its own after a while and there is currently a second one being built at another TR location since we obviously could not get enough. Playa offers smoothies, acai bowls, pitaya bowls, coconut bowls, etc. It is a healthy alternate to a fast food lunch or dinner- yes, they are that filling. Ever since I had my first bowl I cannot stop going back. You don’t even have to be a health freak to get obsessed; one taste and most are instantly hooked. Toms River was truly blessed when we finally got one of our own.

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8. Dining by the water? Yes please!

Obviously, Toms River, New Jersey is right by the water and so many business owners took full advantage of the scenery. Baker’s Water Street Bar & Grille is a downtown restaurant that overlooks the Toms River. As if the view was not breathtaking enough, the food is just as good. There is anything your little heart could imagine on this menu and it one hundred percent will be appetizing. After my High School graduation, this is where my family ate and I am so pleased that this was where I ate my first meal as a true (sorta) adult. TR is lucky to have such a classy and delicious place.

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9. Healthy AND delicious? Sign me up!

If you have made it this far into the article you now know how lucky Silverton is with all the food options it holds. Well there is yet another one that is equally as amazing as the rest: Healthy and Delicious. Yes, seriously, that is the name; the owners clearly did not mess around with being as straight-forward as possible. The food holds true to the name too- it is good for you, good to eat, and good for your soul. I am a vegetarian so this is one of my favorites but even my non-vegetarian friends adore this place. It is a small, underrated business so if you live in TR and have never had it- please do yourself a favor and try it ASAP. Who wouldn’t want to eat at one of the best food places in Toms River.

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10. A diner a day keeps the doctors away.

Diners are a vital part of everyone’s life- in my opinion. They are truly so trustworthy and have any food one could ever want so therefore everyone will be happy with their meal. Unfortunately, TR lost a brave soul recently: the Toms River Diner. Nevertheless, we trudge on, eating at other diners in Toms River- always remembering the good times we had there. Fortunately, we still have the Silverton Diner, the Crystal Diner, and the Four Seasons Diner to fill the hole in our hearts. We love our diners and will never forget the late nights we spent in them with our friends or family creating the best memories with the best food. This is one of the best food places in Toms River.


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