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Top Artists You Need On Your Summer Music Playlist

Top Artists You Need On Your Summer Music Playlist

Summer Music Playlist, Top Artists You Need On Your Summer Music Playlist

Festivals may be canceled, but that doesn’t mean we can’t listen to all the music that will give us good vibes this summer. Hopefully we will all be able to go to concerts and see live music soon, but thankfully we can still listen to all our favorite songs, and top hits that will always remind you of summer. Since warm weather is finally here, it’s time to roll the windows down, and put on a playlist that is sure to put us in the summer mood. Here’s the top artists you need on your summer music playlist!

Sofi Tukker

Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern make up Sofi Tukker. They are one of the coolest music duos I have ever listened to. Not only do they remix songs you may know from artists such as Demi Lovato and Billie Eilish, they also have a ton of upbeat and chill songs that can you really in the summer mood. One of my favorite songs featuring Sofi. Tukker is the acoustic Bossa version of “Brazilian Soul” by The Knocks. The music in this song instantly makes you want to lay in a hammock and soak up the sun, or relax on the beach. Another favorite is “Drinkee” which was actually nominated for a Grammy. “Drinkee” is sang in Portuguese, and is one of the coolest songs to dance to, or play at a party. “Purple Hat” is another song by Sofi Tukker that you may have heard somewhere (hint: the movie, To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You). “Purple Hat” is perfect to listen to in the summer whether you’re getting ready to go out, or having friends over, it’s upbeat and fun. This music duo should be added to your summer music playlist if they aren’t already.

Top Artists You Need On Your Summer Music Playlist

Noah Kahan

Maybe you’ve listened to Noah Kahan in the song “Tough” by Quinn XCII. But, if you haven’t – it’s time to add Noah Kahan’s music to your summer music playlist. His 2019 album “Busyhead” came out last summer, and is one of the best albums to listen to on your road trips, and beach days this summer. His music is perfect to listen to and just chill, and enjoy the sunshine. You also might know of the great song “Hurt Somebody” that he did with one of the coolest singer / songwriters, Julia Michaels. Kahan is super talented, and is definitely one of the top artists you should listen to this summer.

Top Artists You Need On Your Summer Music Playlist

Quinn XCII

There’s a ton of reasons you should listen to Quinn XCII this summer – and always. He has collaborated with Logic, Marc E. Bassy, Chelsea Cutler, Noah Kahan, and makes songs that you will want to listen to on repeat. One of those songs being “Stacy”, which recently came out. This is one of the catchiest songs that I’ve heard in a long time, and will keep you singing along the whole time. Another song you may have heard featuring Quinn XCII is “Love Me Less” by MAX, which is another hit that you won’t get sick of this summer.

Top Artists You Need On Your Summer Music Playlist

Doja Cat

One artist who will have your summer music playlist filled up with her songs is Doja Cat. You may have heard “Say So” from a Tik Tok dance and fell in love with it, or heard it on her album “Hot Pink.” You know when “Juicy” came out, everyone was obsessed with that song too. Doja Cat makes music that we will be listening to forever from the day it comes out. Roll down your windows this summer, bring a speaker to the beach, blast Doja Cat and feel like it’s finally summer. 

Top Artists You Need On Your Summer Music Playlist

Harry Styles

In the summer, we need a playlist that has songs that we will play on repeat, and ultimately uplift our moods, or make us feel relaxed. Harry Styles really stayed so popular after One Direction and his album “Fine Line” has some absolute hits on it. “Watermelon Sugar”, “Golden” and “Adore You” are three songs, that are easy to sing along to. The whole album, “Fine Line” is great for long car rides, and catching the sunset.

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Top Artists You Need On Your Summer Music Playlist

Bryce Vine

To be honest, I’ve had “I’m Not Alright” by Loud Luxury and Bryce Vine playing basically everyday since I’ve heard it. It is so catchy, upbeat and makes you want to dance. “I’m Not Alright” is one of those songs that you will tell your friends to listen to, since it so perfect for the summertime and anytime of year. If you loved listening to Bryce Vine’s “Carnival” album last summer, you need to do that again this summer along with all of his music. He makes songs that are fun to listen to and should be played at your summer hangouts this summer such as “Baby Girl”, “Drew Barrymore” and “La La Land.”

Top Artists You Need On Your Summer Music Playlist

Lady Gaga

Yes, listening to Lady Gaga is nothing new – but her album “Chromatica” is. When “Stupid Love” came out a few months ago, I knew it was the perfect song to play while I get ready for the day and do my makeup, and need some motivation or to feel some upbeat, good vibes. Lady Gaga recently came out with “Chromatica” at the end of May and now we have another album to add to our summer music playlists. This album features the top hit you may have heard on the radio by now, “Rain On Me” featuring Ariana Grande as well as a lot of other amazing songs such as “Free Woman” and “Sine From Above” featuring Elton John. Lady Gaga always gives us great music, and this album came out right in time for summer. While you’re thinking of making your summer playlist, make sure to add Gaga, Bryce Vine, Quinn XCII, Noah Kahan, Doja Cat, Harry Styles and Sofi Tukker to your Spotify or Apple Music playlist!

Top Artists You Need On Your Summer Music Playlist

What songs have you been playing to get ready for summer? Do you already have these artists on your summer music playlist? Let us know in the comments!
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