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Top Activism Friendly Brands To Shop

Top Activism Friendly Brands To Shop

With social justice movements on the rise in popularity, many people are becoming more aware of where they buy products from and what those brands represent or support. Companies know this, too, and while some take advantage of social justice movements simply to make a profit (if you want to know more, look into the terms “rainbow capitalism,” “corporate feminism,” and “corporate activism”), there are some genuine activism friendly brands. If you’re trying and have the means to make a conscious change in how you shop so that you support activism friendly brands, check out the ones below.


Donned by Instagram influencers worldwide, Reformation is fairly well-known for being a sustainable fashion brand. Their clothes do run on the pricier side, so the items purchased from Reformation may be more investment pieces than anything else. Reformation prides itself on their commitment to sustainability.

Not only do they track their carbon footprint, but they are also careful about the materials that they use, and they donate to programs to offset their resource use. In addition, they recycle three-quarters of their garbage and they provide Metro passes to their HQ employees to encourage the use of public transportation.

Top Activism Friendly Brands To Shop


This is a really cool queer-inclusive brand. Founded in 2013, Wildfang sells clothing and accessories for womxn and for some items, donates a portion of the proceeds to charity. In 2018, Wildfang raised $400,000 for groups that support reproductive, immigrant, and women’s and human rights. Plus, imagine how badass you’d look in these cool clothes!

Top Activism Friendly Brands To Shop

Nudie Jeans

If you’re in the market for a good pair of denim, check out Nudie Jeans. Not only do they sell 100 percent organic cotton denim, but they also offer a free repair service, resell second-hand and recycle worn-out products. Buying a pair of jeans from Nudie means supporting a sustainable brand and also getting a pair of jeans that, if they get damaged, you can get repaired for free.

Top Activism Friendly Brands To Shop


If you’re an outdoorsy person or you know outdoorsy people, you know the brand Patagonia. What you might not know is that they donate a portion of their sales to environmental organizations around the world and support funding at grassroots levels of environmental activism. They also use recycled and/or organic and/or fair-trade materials in their products to help promote sustainability. In addition, their Worn Wear program makes sure that their products stay out of landfills by making them long-lasting and reparable. 

Top Activism Friendly Brands To Shop

Pura Vida Bracelets

Friendship bracelet-type jewelry is back in style, and Pura Vida is ahead of the trend. Not only are their jewelry pieces adorable and waterproof, but they’re also part of Pura Vida’s mission to provide steady employment for artisans across the world. Some of their bracelets are part of their Charity Collection, meaning that part of the proceeds go to various charities, depending on the bracelet design you choose to purchase.

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Thus far, they can say that they’ve donated nearly $1.7 million to over 175 charities through their sales. Within the past few years, they’ve also expanded their brand to include clothing, accessories, and home decor.

Top Activism Friendly Brands To Shop


Otherwild is comprised of a community of talented artists, designers, and artisans who contribute their creativity to the products Otherwild sells both in-store and online. They work to produce their items within an ethically sourced supply chain and they adjust their practices as necessary to be as fair as possible. Otherwild also supports not only their staff, vendors, and suppliers, but also social justice and health care organizations, both at grassroots and national levels. 

Top Activism Friendly Brands To Shop

What activism friendly brands do you love? Drop some names below and share the social justice love!

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