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Top 7 Valentine’s Day Destinations that Are Perfect for Couples

Top 7 Valentine’s Day Destinations that Are Perfect for Couples

Valentine’s Day destinations are great locations to celebrate with your loved one. There are so many places to see and do. Below I listed my Top 7 Valentine’s Day destinations that are indeed like a  hallmark movie set. 

1. Zermatt, Switzerland 

The Alps region is one of the most picturesque places ever. I will never forget flying over this mountain range on my way to Zurich. I was instantly blown away by how tall the mountains are. They towered over the clouds like parents standing over their children. After my trip, I could not stop watching videos of people visiting the gorgeous valleys under the mountains. It was breathtaking! I instantly made the decision to prioritize these places on my travel list. (Keep in mind I was only in Switzerland during an airport layover)

I chose the city of Zermatt because it sits next to the Matterhorn. It is one of the tallest mountains in Europe. It is also known for its near-perfect pyramid shape. It is one of the prettiest sights to see when visiting the Alps. The city itself is a marvel as well. It parallels a village of a fantasy book. It is a super enchanting place. The lake is super clear, the grass stands tall, and flower bouquets pile up during the Spring. Combine all of these features together and you get a scene you would want to frame.


I personally think this place has the potential for romantic gateways. Once you look up pictures for Zermatt, you would instantly understand why. 

2. Cancun, Mexico

Fun fact. This is where my parents met. If it weren’t for the existence of this location, I would not exist today. I would not be an intern for Society19, and I would not be typing writing this article. That is how powerful this Valentine’s Day destination is. 


Aside from my origin story, Cancun is one of the popular cities to visit in Mexico. The turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and colorful coral reefs speak for themselves. My mom would always preach about how snorkeling off the coast of Playa del Carmen is one of the best things she has ever done. The reef is alive with all kinds of sea plants, fish, and sharks. Another landmark that makes Cancun so special is the Chichen Itza. It is an iconic Mayan pyramid that will blow you away once you take a good look at it. Although it is a little bit of a drive from Cancun, there are tour guides that can transport there from the city. 

Another iconic place sits off the shore from Cancun. It is called Isla Mujeres, a small island with a big personality. It is home to one of the most gorgeous reefs ever. Statues are sitting on that reef, adding pizzaz to the natural sites. There are also local markets, restaurants, and parks that will keep you entertained throughout your trip. The people are lovely as well. I will never forget how my mom will preach about how courteous and friendly the locals were. 


3. Venice, Italy

Venice has one of the most unique geographic features. It is built over 100+ islands in the Adriatic sea. If you take a look at the city, it looks like an ensemble of cathedrals, palaces, and buildings floating over the water. The only way to navigate the city is by foot or boat. The waterways replace the roads and are the main source of vehicle transportation in this city. 

One featured activity is the canoe rides around the canals. It is one of the most iconic things to do in Europe. Period. Everyone has seen pictures of people riding those canoes. It is what makes Venice… Venice. 

There is not a single view of the city that is not picturesque. Couples will instantly forget about their troubles once they grace the gorgeous waters of these Valentine’s Day destinations. It is a good time indeed. 


4. New York City 

There is a reason why this metropolitan monster is in hundreds of films. It provides some of the best city life in the world. The endless lines of buildings give you a sense of energy and livelihood. This concrete jungle is like a dream come true. 

Many people might not think of NYC as a super romantic spot. It is probably because of the large crowds, loud streets, and overall energetic environment. That is why people think of remote islands and forests. But I can argue that the gorgeous historical sites, public parks, and decorative halls will invoke a romantic scene. You and your partner are still guaranteed a chance to hold hands under the pretty lights that resemble stars. Another Hallmark moment. Another one of the Valentine’s Day destinations. 


5. Mexico City 

Most people reading this article might ask why this place is on the list. And the reason behind this is that I am in love with this city. And I think it has romantic appeal as well. 

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I would like to think of Mexico City as a fusion between a historic European city and an American metropolis. The city houses Spanish baroque palaces, colonial cathedrals, and skyscrapers. At times, you would feel like you are in a city like New York. Other times, you would feel like you are in Paris. It all depends on which part of the city you are in. 

With the mention of the city’s architecture, Mexico City can easily be a Valentine’s Day destination. Couples are guaranteed a lovely time over there!


6. Quebec City, Canada

This city is named to be one of the most European cities in North America. It all makes sense given the historical architecture of the town. A significant landmark of Quebec es the Chateau de Frontenac. It is a massive structure of a Hotel that looks like a Disney castle. It is one of the most photographed buildings in the entire world. 

Quebec also sits next to the Saint Lawrence River. Its location allows for great water activities and boating dinners. Couples will absolutely adore this enchanting village! 


7. Paris, France

Any more questions? I thought so! 

Have you added any of these Valentine’s Day Destinations to your travel list? If so, let us know which of the Valentine’s Day destinations you are excited about the most! 

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