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Top 5 Ways To Use Makeup To Show Off Your Freckles

I will confess that I have a love-hate relationship with my freckles. There are so many beauty standards that are reliant on an impossibly clear face, and I have used to use the “glamour” feature on my phone’s camera. But when I am in love with my freckles, they are my favorite feature. Luckily, over time I have been more in love with my freckles than in hate and have found a few tips and trips to make them truly shine!

1. Keep Your Skin Healthy

From sunscreen to #SelfCareSunday, skincare is a fundamental part of having a gorgeous face and being able to show off your amazing freckles. The fundamentals of skincare are easy: drink water, eat healthily, take Biotin, get enough sleep, and moisturize!

If drinking water is a challenge, I highly suggest adding flavor by using things like Crystal Light. (I use the Walmart brand strawberry watermelon and I now prefer water over most drinks.) Eating healthy can be difficult, I know, but having the right amount of fruits and veggies and proteins will go a long way with your body. (And we all know that unhealthy foods can lead to an excess of oil and acne.) Biotin is a wonderful natural supplement that is meant to help with skin, hair, and nails. Now, getting enough sleep may be the hardest on the list, but it really does make a tremendous difference! (Avoiding pre-mature wrinkles, awkward puffiness, and uneven skin tone.)

I thought I would expand a little when it comes to moisturizing and other helpful skincare products. Once a week a do a full-face routine that starts with St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. Which is followed up with a Calming Clay Mask with French red clay and bentonite clay. And then I finish it off with an Illuminating Sleep Mask with watermelon and hyaluronic acid. This is a fantastic fresh start every week that totally revitalizes my skin.

Aside from that once a week, I have a morning and night routine as well. In the morning I simply rinse my face with warm water and gently rub with a washcloth and then use Lubriderm everywhere. Every night I use three Estee Lauder products: the Resilience Multi-Effect face and neck creme for my forehead and t-zone, the Advanced Night Repair eye concentrate, and then the Advanced Night Repair serum on the rest of my face.

Add in sunscreen on your days out and all of this ensures that your skin is as healthy as can be – as gorgeous as can be!

2. Never Cover Them Up

This is a huge plus because that means you don’t have to spend money on makeup for the skin. Instead, you can focus on only a few products that you won’t even need that much!

When doing full-face makeup, I start with E.L.F. Cosmetic’s Hydrating Face Primer. This is a clear product that helps smooths out the skin, while hydrating, and without covering anything up. Then, I strategically use Milk Makeup’s Sunshine Skin Tint. This is a very, very thin liquid skin makeup. I use it to frame my face, just above my eyebrows to create a smooth line, and on my chin to even the tone. Lastly, the only other product you may need (if it’s your style) is the Milk Makeup highlighter. This can be added every so subtle on your cheeks.

This way you avoid having your makeup not fully cover your freckles, creating a sort of patchy skin tone. This way you can show off your freckles with pride and let them be truly stunning.

3. Never Underestimate A Strong Brow

It is important to change your mindset from “fixing” parts of your face to “enhancing” your natural beauty. Embracing your freckles and showing them off means loving the natural beauty of your face. One of the best ways to compliment this is a strong, natural-looking brow.

This can be simply done with a good makeup brush and clear eyebrow gel… or you can get a little fancier, (like me). After making sure they are plucked the way I like, I do brush them out and use the gel. But, once that is dry, I also use Benefit Cosmetics Foolproof Brow Powder! With an angled brush I create a soft curve for the innermost point, then I follow the Foolproof guide of the warm brown from the inner point to arch and then the dark (almost black) brown from the arch to tip.

I use a q-tip with makeup remover to clean up the lines and wa-la! A beautifully natural-looking strong and on pointe brow.

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4. Focus On The Eyes

Eye makeup is one of the most exciting and creative parts of makeup! And, arguably, the only part of makeup you get to have fun with freckles.

Doing whatever you want with eye makeup in no way takes away from your freckles. Like in the image above, even a totally bold look is complimentary. From a smokey eye to a cut crease, there is nothing holding you back from doing All The Things.

In fact, having amazing eye makeup would draw more attention to your face, which means drawing more attention to your freckles!

5. The More Subtle The Makeup, The More You Will Shine

With that said, I still think the more subtle the makeup you do, the more you will shine through. There is no reason to hide your amazingly delightful features.

With fresh skin, a strong brow, dark lashes, a little shimmer on the lids and lips, you can frame your face in a way that is worthy of the silver screen or fine arts museum. Personally, I choose to stick with browns and pinks when it comes to my eyeshadow to keep it more natural. Then, using gold or rose gold for that little bit of shimmer. I add a white highlight on the brow bone, (my brow’s color matching my hair). Topping it off with my favorite mascara, and that completes my everyday look.

My freckles may be hard to see in the Winter or with my not-so-great phone camera. But, I know they’re there and that now makes me happy.

Never forget that there are people using makeup to create freckles of their own and there are even people getting freckle tattoos. There are so many people that find freckles absolutely captivating, (as they should). Your freckles are one of the most unique features you have, that can never accurately be manufactured or exactly copied. Your freckles are just one of the reasons you are amazing and just one of the reasons you are beautiful! How do you show off your freckles? Let us know in the comments!

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