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Top 5 Ultrabooks that are Perfect for Students

Ultrabooks are a great way to do some heavy schoolwork while remaining convenient. These types of laptops hold a lot of power for such a small size. Below I listed 5 Ultrabooks that are perfect for any busy student on the go. 

1. Microsoft Surface Laptop

Storytime, my sister bought this laptop when she first started college. She initially used an older laptop that was super slow and wasn’t as fast as it used to be. But once her Surface Laptop arrived, she was able to do a lot more work in a shorter frame of time. I was also impressed by how much this device was able to handle given its size!

The Microsoft Surface Laptop has one of the most stylish and sleek designs. First of all, the palm rest is made of fabric. That is correct! Surrounding the trackpad of the laptop, there is fabric. When I first tested out my sister’s device, it felt like I was resting my hands on a carpeted floor. These hand rests are designed to keep you as comfortable as possible when typing. And they worked. And beyond the palm rest, the trackpad is very nice and responsive. The casing is made of good-quality aluminum. And the Microsoft logo on the back of the laptop adds a nice touch! 

In terms of processors, the devices are powered by Intel core i5s and i7s. Memory starts at 256 gigabytes and can go up to 1TB. The resolution of the screen is a very vibrant 2256 x 1504. Prices start at 999 dollars. 

2. Lenovo Think Pad

The Think Pad series from Lenovo has provided a powerhouse catalog for a long time. Think Pad laptops have been widely used by multiple institutions. I even remember borrowing Think Pads from my school library, and I was amazed by how well this device worked. I even saw these laptops offered at public libraries and even my college library. I am assuming that this is the top library laptop. 

Back in the early 2000s, Lenovo has been awarded many recognitions for being one of the first companies to build powerful yet small laptops. We can even argue that the company has built the first Ultrabooks. And today, the company stays true to its mission. The devices are thin and light. They are the perfect size for on-the-go consumers. And they use some of the most powerful internals on any laptop. What’s also great is that there are many models to choose from.

There are think pads that use Intel processors. There are think pads that use AMD Radeon processors that are great for gaming. There are Think Pads that have Windows software built inside, and there are Think Pads that have Chromebook software inside. The options are endless, and I am sure that you can easily find a Think Pad that caters to your specific needs! 

3. Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

If you want to push the design envelope further with powerful performance, Samsung’s got you! This laptop is super pretty! Reviewers of this device have even said that this device could be a direct competitor of Macbooks (Apple’s Laptops). 

What makes this product stand out is how it can be paired with other devices. Since it is a Galaxy device, users can pair it with Galaxy phones and tablets. For example, if you are texting on your Galaxy phone, you can put the phone down and continue the conversation on your Galaxy laptop. That’s right! You can text from your laptop! And what’s also amazing is that you can also make a phone call from the computer. So if your Galaxy phone is not nearby, your laptop can call for you. Unfortunately, you cannot pair this laptop with any other device from another company. So if you have an iPhone, you’ll need a MacBook to pair with. 

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro starts at 1074.99. It utilizes the intel core processors: i6 and i7. Storage starts at 256 gigabytes and can go up to 1TB. All-powerful specs that can maximize productivity and entertainment. This laptop is perfect for people who want something stylish and powerful. Especially if you have other Galaxy devices. 

4. Dell XPS 13 Laptop

I have grown up using Dell products. My elementary school (alongside Think Pads) has provided them for student use. I would never forget making my first PowerPoint presentation. And that was when I had a computer course in elementary school, using a Dell Laptop. My family has also used a Dell Desktop in the early 2000s. It was one of those computers with a giant modem and a square screen. It was pretty slow but fast for that time. Fast track to today, Dell now houses some of the fastest ultrabooks on the market. And I am beyond proud!

The Dell XPS 13 is a beautiful work of art. It is made out of aluminum. Shining when the light hits. It is also one of the thinnest laptops out there. This bad boy weighs a whopping 2.64lbs. Which is insane for a computer that is a lot faster than the desktop my family used to own. This comes to show how far technology has come in terms of innovation. 

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This powerhouse is made possible with the latest generation intel EVO chips. Intel’s fastest processors to date. Storage starts at 256 gigabytes and can go up to 2TB. The highest I have ever seen on an ultrabook! It only starts at 899 dollars. So for this device, you can get a great value for such a powerful laptop. 

5. M1 Macbook Air

Apple’s laptops have been one of the most stand-out devices ever. First of all, they use an operating system that is exclusive to the company. It is called macOS, one of the best software programs ever created. From its beginning, the software has been successful in making computing easy for consumers. It has invented many features that have been later adopted by other tech companies. The design of the computers has also been top-notch. Being one of the first laptops to adopt the aluminum casing that many computers use today. 

Today, Apple now constructs its own processors for its latest laptops. It is called the M1 chip, replacing the intel core processors used in most ultrabooks. It is one of the fastest processors on the market, beating the intels. They are extremely power efficient and can successfully run high demanding tasks. Such as 4k video editing and heavy file transfers. 

Apple’s M1 products include Mac Mini, iMac, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air. The reason why I chose the Macbook Air is because of its best value. You can get it for sale at 899 dollars. That’s right! You can get a product using a 7 core chip at this price. This computer beats most ultrabooks while remaining one of the thinnest laptops ever. It doesn’t even have a fan! 

Fun fact! I own this computer! I am even typing this article from this device! With that being said… this is the best laptop I have ever bought! 

Did any of these Ultrabooks grab your attention? Let us know which Ultrabook you are interested in buying in the comments below!

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Mark Grinker

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