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Top 5 TV Series to Watch During 2021

Top 5 TV Series to Watch During 2021

2021 has foreseen great TV Series releases. It has been a great year for great content. Below I listed my Top 5 TV Series that people must check out during this incredible year!

1. Squid Game (Netflix)

It is a no-brainer that this show has made it to the list. Squid Game has broken the internet once it was released on Netflix. It took me a while to finally watch the show but I already knew what it was about. Since I could not escape the internet posts, I got the gist of how these games work. I knew it by watching memes, Instagram pictures, and Halloween decorations. Yes. There was a house that had Squid Game decorations on it. It was an astounding sight!

Besides its cultural impact, Squid Game is about a group of people who got invited to play a series of challenging games to earn loads of money at the end. At first, the contestants did not know what they had coming. And once they play the first game, it becomes the Hunger Games. People fight to the death on their way to victory. It is an absolutely disturbing but important watch. It comes to show how far people are willing to go for financial security. This whole show is almost an allegory for how people today become monsters for monetary reasons.


Overall I find this TV series to be a mandatory watch. If you are not watching this show now, then what are you doing with your life? 

2. Loki (Disney Plus)

Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe has foreseen one of the most successful film franchises ever. Avengers Endgame has broken the record for the most grossing film ever. The majority of the public has come together to witness the end of the Infinity Saga. It was one of the biggest cultural moments in film history. There are MCU fans around the world who admire these superheroes and villains. Although they are fictional, these characters have been some of the most influential figures of the modern world.


Loki is one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel world. So having a TV show dedicated to him will bring lots of fans together. The show picks up after the end of the Infinity Saga, bringing a new storyline to the MCU. Tom Hiddleston yet again kills it with this character. We explore dimensions of the character we have not seen before. The side characters are also brilliant, the screenwriting is impeccable, and the action sequences are incredible. It is insane how Disney was able to put a movie budget into a long-format TV series. 

Loki is one of the first MCU shows to hit on Disney Plus. It is proving that the age of television is coming for the film industry. 


3. WandaVision (Disney Plus)

Here is another marvel to look at! Get it? Anyways, WandaVision adds another great TV show to the MCU. It is the first Disney Plus series to air for Marvel. When the first episodes came out, I have overheard many people talk about how bizarre it is. It starts out with Wanda and Vision enjoying an idealized life in the 1950s. People were so confused with what was going on because the MCU characters are living in modern times. But once you continue watching the show, things will clear up!

I am in love with the aesthetic of the show! We first get a 1950s theme and then it goes up to different eras. I can tell the mise en scene department has stepped it up for this miniseries. The costumes were on point, the set design was on point, everything was on point! I fell in love with the visuals. And with good visuals comes a good story. The storytelling was great! The weirdness of what people discussed all made sense. Thanks to the awesome team that put this show together. 

WandaVision is indeed a great watch for people who are fans of the Marvel comics. It is full of references to other movies and comic book characters. Plus, this show received several Emmy nominations, including Best Drama. This is a first for the MCU! 


4. Mare of Easttown (HBO)

There is something about HBO that produces some of the best adult content out there. Especially detective shows. We have had incredible murder mysteries such as True Detective, The Night Of, and The Outsider. This channel has constantly provided some of the best TV ever! Mare of Easttown is no exception!

This miniseries takes place in a small town in Pennsylvania. Academy Award winner Kate Winslet plays a detective. She investigates a local murder while struggling with her mental health. Her journey to solving the current case becomes harder once she faces obstacles. The stakes get higher and I am suddenly on the edge of my seat. This might sound like your typical detective show but I promise you will be surprised by how incredible this show is. It goes beyond murder mysteries and beyond your expectations! 

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I do have to say that this show made me scared of small towns. It comes to show how scary many parts of the world can be, even small innocent-looking villages. 


5. Time (BBC)

Like Mare of Easttown, Time will haunt you!

This show is about a prison officer who encounters a problem while guarding the inmates. He comes across a criminal mastermind that has the power to affect the environment beyond the prison. This inmate is like the Joker. He’s got a big plan! 

The officer had to do the unthinkable and reconsider his morals in negotiating with the King behind the bars. The stakes get higher, things get messier, and casualties are expected. The officers can even risk his job! 


Time has made me afraid of going to jail. And that is because there is a lot more going on than just being behind bars. You can run your own empire as a prison inmate. It is a dark and cruel world over there!

Have you seen any of these TV Series from this year? If so, comment on your favorite TV Series from 2021 below! We would love to hear your thoughts!

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