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Top 5 Pizza Places Around New London

Here are the top 5 pizza places around New London:

1. 2 Wives Pizza

Thin and crispy hand-thrown crust, with perfect prices and a great beer selection. Sit down in the restaurant or order take-out! Recommendations: buffalo chicken pizza (pictured here), vegan cheese pizza, and surf-and-turf pizza.

2. Slyce Pizza Bar

Although a relatively new restaurant, their proximity to campus and great food can’t be beat! Slyce boasts a fully stocked bar, 18 draft beers, and happy hour specials every day of the week. Recommendations: extreme Hawaiian pizza, white broccoli pizza.

3. Wings N’ Pies

Hands down the cheesiest, most delicious pizza in town– perfect for the occasional indulgence. But beware– order too much, and you will suffer from the famous “Wings and Pies hangover” the next day! Fast delivery and great pricing. Recommendations: BBQ chicken pizza, taco pizza.

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4. Recovery Room

A bit more formal than the other pizza places listed, the Recovery Room is a great place for sit-down lunch or dinner. However, you can order take-out as well! Awarded first place for the 2015 Best of Reader’s Choice Awards: Pizza in The Day newspaper. Recommendations: stuffed potato pizza (pictured), Thai chicken pizza.

5. Illiano’s Real Italian Pizzeria

Although not actually in New London, Illiano’s Real Italian Pizzeria in Waterford is a quality restaurant with great pizza and service. You’ll even get free samples while waiting for your food! With everything from the most basic pizzas to the most unique combinations, you can’t go wrong. Recommendations: cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza.
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