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Top 5 Natural Shampoo Brands that Will Revitalize your Hair

Natural Shampoo is a great way to cleanse your hair follicles with wonderful benefits. You ditch chemicals usually found in mainstream hair care and protect the environment. Below I listed 5 Natural Shampoo brands that will do all of the above and more. 

1. Maui Moisture

One time I went to visit a friend. I used their shower and tried out their shampoo. I have never smelled anything so nice and fragrant in my life. And once I hopped out of the shower, my hair felt super nourished, moisturized, and healthy. I then asked my friend what shampoo they use. The answer was Maui Moisture! 

This wonderful natural shampoo brand offers incredible different scents that come with different uses for the hair. For example, you can grab a hibiscus water shampoo for lightweight hydration. An agave shampoo for strength and anti-breakage. A bamboo fiber shampoo to thicken and restore thinning hair follicles. And a coconut oil shampoo for people without curly hair. There are many more types of shampoos this company offers. This is just a short list I provided. 

The main ingredient Maui Moisture uses is aloe vera. A substance that the company markets as a guarantee for moisturized and well-nourished hair. And it is true. Aloe Vera has been used for a significant amount of time in human history. It has been used as food, skin products, and of course, hair products. This comes to show how well this natural shampoo brand knows the best ingredients to put in their products. 

2. Every Man Jack

In my experience, I have tried many shampoo brands that are marketed for men. It was all hit or miss for me. The majority of the products have left my hair slightly dry and brittle. An effect that most consumers do not want to experience. I almost gave up on trying men’s hair products, but then I stumbled upon Every Man Jack. I bought the product, tested it in the shower, and noticed the best results. My hair felt very nice, hydrated, and strong! This is the best men’s shampoo I tried so far!

What makes Every Man Jack stand out from the other brands is the simplicity of ingredients. As a natural shampoo brand, Every Man Jack refrains from adding harmful chemicals that can cause hair follicle damage. This is probably the cause of my hair being so dry from the other shampoo brands. Coconut is used as a base for all of Every Man Jack’s hair products. This is an ingredient that is well known to moisturize and nourish the hair. A great way to cleanse the head without causing damage. 

This natural shampoo brand offers activated charcoal shampoo for normal/oily skin. They also have sandalwood and citrus essences. And, most important to me: tea tree and hemp shampoos that promote hair thickening. I have been struggling with hair thinning for a while and using this brand has helped me tremendously!

3. Avalon Organics

This super-natural shampoo brand takes it very seriously when it comes to being close to nature. Heck, even the word “organic” is part of the name! They claim to be using nothing but nature’s pure resources as a part of their deep-rooted belief that all beauty comes from the Earth. So if you are a holistic consumer who wants to remain as natural as possible, Avalon Organics will guide you through your deep-rooted journey. 

Not only are Avalon’s shampoos used to cleanse the hair, but they can be used as effective treatments to maintain hair health! The company does not mess around when it comes to using quality ingredients. Here’s a sample list of different kinds of shampoos they offer: apple cider vinegar for a smooth shine, maple sap, and magnolia for deep hydration, biotin-b complex to thicken, and cannabis Sativa seed oil to soothe. These are ingredients that you would never see in mainstream shampoo products. They’re not even that common in natural shampoo brands!

This is what makes Avalon Organics stand out from the others! I have never seen a company this dedicated to remaining organic while still finding ways to effectively treat your hair! 


JASON is a massive company that has products available at various locations. I have seen them at Target, Whole Foods, and even Wal-Mart. It is clearly a well-known brand. They offer body creams, body washes, toothpaste, and, of course, shampoo!

When it comes to hair products, JASON offers a great catalog that includes quality products. Here is a list of what they offer: smoothing sea kelp, restorative biotin, moisturizing aloe vera, long and strong jojoba, and even a fragrance-free shampoo that soothes. And this is not everything they have. There is a therapy line in their catalog that really focuses on treatment. They have a dandruff relief shampoo, deep clean cooling, tea tree normalizing, and a thin-to-thick extra volume shampoo. 

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I tried their dandruff relief shampoo when I was having scalp problems. And the verdict is… I absolutely loved it. My hair stopped flaking after a few uses. On top of that, my hair felt moisturized and well-nourished! This experience has boosted my trust in this natural shampoo brand!

5. Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences is a world-renowned natural shampoo brand. Like JASON, it is found everywhere. But what gives Herbal Essences more credit is their partnership with the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. That is right! They have partnered with one of the world’s leading botanical institutions to create the best products you could find! If you don’t know what the Royal Botanical Gardens are, it is a British institution located near London, England. The Gardens have been a top attraction in Great Britain and an accredited botanical laboratory. Over there, they test the ingredients that the natural shampoo brand uses before they are sold to the market. 

Aside from royal kinship, Herbal Essences is home to one of the most extensive catalogs for shampoo. If you take a look at their website, the list for their products is super long. It is all organized by hair needs, and once the category is selected, there is still a good amount for each section. The company even offers hair masks that promote deeper healing. Like face masks, these products improve the health of the scalp’s skin tremendously. 

There is no further argument needed for a brand like Herbal Essences. Its impact on the world will definitely have you confident on how good their products are. 

Have any of these Natural Shampoo Brands leave you wanting to try them? Let us know which natural shampoo brand got most of your attention in the comments below!

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