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Top 5 Desktop Computers that are Perfect for Families

Top 5 Desktop Computers that are Perfect for Families

Desktop Computers provide a great way to get work done at home. Especially today when parents are working virtually and their kids are learning online. Below I listed my top 5 desktop computers that will do wonders for every member of the family. 

1. HP Envy 32 All-In-One

The HP Envy all-in-one desktop computer is a marvel to look at. It has a super slim and minimal design. It has a massive yet stunning HD display. Many customers say that it is like looking into their platform TVs. The speakers are also next level. There is surround sound built into the monitor, so no external speakers are necessary for enhanced volume. What is most impressive about the HP Envy is that there is no tower attached to it. Everything that powers the computer is all inside of the modem.

The computer comes packed with the latest generation Intel chips. The base model starts with the intel core i5 processors with upgrades available. Storage starts at 256GB and can go up to 1TB. It uses NVIDIA Geoforce graphics, so it is great for gaming. There is also an HD wide vision 5-megapixel camera that is wonderful for video conferencing. 


It has been said that content creators have used this computer. They have been content with it. It also has enough power to get heavy tasks done. When the kids need to use it, the desktop can adapt to their needs as well. 

2. ACER Aspire AIO Touch Desktop

Yes, this all-in-one computer has a touchscreen. That alone will give the ACER Aspire several points. You can draw on the screen, tap to select (instead of clicking), and do much more with this added feature. I remember seeing kids play around with the screen. Drawing their favorite characters with the paint app. It is simply a lot of fun using the touchscreen. 


This desktop computer is also all-in-one, removing the hassle of managing multiple monitors. I have even heard that it reduces damage from children. Kids can easily mess around with multiple parts of a computer, especially when chords are connecting the two monitors. With just one monitor, there are fewer cords to tangle. 

The ACER Aspire houses the next-generation Intel chips and graphics, storage starts at around 512GB, and the HD full-screen display will awe users. The internals might not be as powerful as the predecessor on the list, but this computer is definitely worth its lower price point. It only starts at 849.99! 


3. M1 Mac Mini

The Mac mini is a tiny monitor. It is simply a small cube that looks like a router. It might not look like it gives much, but it gives you everything! 

This desktop computer is powered by the Apple M1 chip, Apple’s house-made silicon processor that revolutionized the computer market. It scored thousands of points in power, efficiency, and user experience. The M1 Macs have never been more powerful.

This Mac Mini is no exception! The base model starts with an 8 core CPU and GPU. Already significantly powerful! It is insane how much power can be packed on such a small device! The Mac Mini also comes with Mac OS Monterey, Apple’s latest computer software. One of the best desktop software out there! 


One thing to note about this device is that it does not come with a screen monitor. You will have to buy that separately. This might sound like an inconvenience to some people. However, it can add flexibility for people who are picky about their screen displays. 

The price starts at 699 dollars. And depending on how much you pay for the separate screen monitor, I would say this computer is a pretty great value!


4. Dell Inspiron Desktop

Many families prefer a simple desktop experience. This means a power tower, screen monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Nothing too crazy. The Dell Inspiron Desktop gives you that experience early 2010s computers did. It is also pretty affordable.

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The base model starts at 529.99. It houses the inter-core i3 processor and starts at 512GB. It comes with an HD screen display, keyboard, and mouse. As I said before, I very standard setup. It is still great for families since you get that classic desktop experience. It reminds me of a public library computer anyone can use. Brings back memories of when I played educational computer games at the library. 


Here’s a reason why I added this computer to the list. I know people who simply want to save money and time. Multiple parents do not care how fast a computer can be. They just want a functional computer that will not break down. This desktop will offer great value for everyday tasks.

5. M1 iMac  

This desktop computer is the prettiest, lightest, and most colorful skinny legend. It is one of the prettiest computers I have ever seen period. It followed the previous iMac design that is super slim and gorgeous. It’s even thinner than the original iPhone. Once you look at the computer in real life, it almost looks like a giant iPad attached to a display holder. The screen is also a 4.5K display. Keep that in mind when you check out the Apple store.


What is different about the latest design is the colors. There are 7 colors that you can choose from. My favorite color is blue and owning a blue Mac is my new dream! It also comes in light red, green, white, purple, yellow, and orange. It is a beautiful and rainbow-Esque lineup. Something we haven’t seen in a long time.

What is more amazing is how powerful this model is. It houses the world-renowned M1 chip that removes the need for chunky hardware, extra specs, and other things. This is why the iMac can stay super thin yet powerful. It is one of the biggest innovations in desktop computing.  


Have you added any of these desktop computers to your shopping list? If so, let us know which desktop computer you are interested in! 

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