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Top 5 Campus Dorms at Connecticut College

Top 5 Campus Dorms at Connecticut College

The housing lottery begins soon after students return to campus next week. Still can’t decide where to live next semester? Look no further– listed below are the top 5 campus dorms!

5. Harkness

Harkness makes the cut as the 5th best dorm on campus. The Walk-In Coffee Closet inside and the beautiful patio out front make for perfect study spots. Harkness is in South Campus, but doesn’t have quite as much of a party scene as JA or Freeman, so you can still get your sleep when it’s needed. If you’re hungry, you only have to walk a few steps to a dining hall, and almost all of the classrooms are right across the green. To top it off, there are plenty of singles with big, bright windows.

4. Plant

One of the older and smaller dorms on campus, Plant is filled with character. It has a great location on campus– close to Cro and Shain, and right between the Plex and South Campus. The majority of the rooms in Plant are singles, so it is perfect for upperclassmen who want to be close to everything going on without being stuck in a party dorm.


3. Abbey

Abbey is the dorm for any student who wants a little more independence but still wants to enjoy the perks of dorm living. Although across Route 32 from main campus, Abbey has its own kitchen inside the building, so students can choose to have a reduced meal plan while living here. With lots of common space and fairly big rooms, Abbey has a tight sense of community. It’s proximity to Ridge as well as the AC makes it perfect for those who work out often or who have friends living in apartments.

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2. Wright

If you enjoy living in the Plex, this dorm is for you! Wright is close to Cro, and Harris is next door, so you’ll never go hungry while living here. The relatively new dorm rooms boast air conditioning and updated amenities you won’t find in other buildings on campus. Since it’s not a party dorm, the halls are always quiet if you like to sleep in or do work in your room. Additionally, the dorm is right next to Gravel Lot, so you don’t have to walk far after parking your car!


1. Windham

Here it is… your number 1 dorm on campus! Windham has it all– spacious singles, big and bright windows, a central location to Shain, Cro, South Campus, the Arbo, and Harris, and is the perfect combination of quiet during the week and fun on the weekends. There is truly nothing bad to say about Windham, which is why it’s earned the title of best dorm on campus.
What dorms have you lived in on campus? What are your favorite campus dorms, or do you disagree with this list? Let us know in the comments!
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