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Top 5 ASMR Youtube Channels that will Relax your Soul

Many people use ASMR Youtube Channels to wind down after a long day. They tend to stimulate you in unusual but effective ways. Below I listed 5 ASMR Youtube channels that will bring you to a deep state of calm and healing. 

1. ShiliTV

ShiliTV is a channel hosted by a Chinese vlogger named Shili. She vlogs her experiences in hundreds of wellness establishments around China, giving foreign audiences an inside scoop on what this environment offers. She has hundreds of videos on her channel that are mostly about her visits to these establishments. Lots of viewers even comment on how lucky she is. Experiencing so many kinds of treatments. 

What makes this a Youtube ASMR channel is the super relaxing nature of the places Shili has visited. The practitioners are very soft-spoken when they explain their treatments. And once they start treating the Youtuber, you can hear all the different sounds coming from their massaging and other movements. They make sure to make their guests as relaxed as possible. 

Once you have seen a good chunk of her videos, it will truly feel like she has done everything. In her repertoire, we can add Chinese Cupping Foot Massages, Fire Cupping, and Gua Sha Massages, Kung Fu massages, Tibetan Cauldron Remedies, and much more! One of my favorite videos is one where Shili gets her feet drenched in a water bath full of Chinese spices that are proven to heal the feet. I know it sounds bizarre, but I heard that treatments like these bring wonderful results. 

2. Chili b ASMR

I am not sure if you can relate to this, but I am one of those people who found my doctor’s visits super relaxing. And I honestly don’t find it as different as a spa excursion in terms of a relaxing environment. I have always looked forward to the doctor calmly taking my heart rate, discussing health in a mellow voice, and even the quietness of the waiting room. Chili b ASMR replicates this experience on a whole new level. 

Chili b ASMR stars couple Hannah and Jeremy roleplaying as doctor and patient. Hannah usually plays doctor as she performs all different types of exams and treatments on Jeremy. These include cognition tests, scalp and skin check exams, allergy testing, hearing exams, and much more. My favorite video of theirs was when they replicated an elementary school environment where Hannah checks Jeremy’s scalp for any lice. So Hannah is basically the school nurse, and Jeremy is the small student. I loved this because it shows how they are willing to replicate any type of wellness environment. And on top of that, they could play anyone!

What impressed me was that these videos were all shot in their house. Fun fact, when I watched them first the first time, I legitimately thought she was a real doctor and Jeremy was an actual patient. And I definitely thought their home office was a doctor’s office. That is how good these two are at what they do!

3. Moonlight Cottage ASMR

When I first got familiarized with ASMR Youtube Channels, I mostly got exposed to people speaking directly to the microphones. They also made weird but relaxing sounds by playing with different objects. Since then, the ASMR community has grown exponentially. Giving birth to spa visits, medical check-ups, and 19th Century maids grooming their aristocratic counterparts. That is correct! Such content exists! And this is what Moonlight Cottage ASMR is about!

Moonlight Cottage ASMR is a series run by Youtuber Diane. Diane takes you back in time during historical periods. She dresses up as characters in styles respective to their time period. The environment also becomes indicative of the time and occasion. The craziest video I have seen of her’s was when she performed an eye exam in a steampunk environment. She dressed up in Victorian-style clothes and used old-timey gadgets.  

The set, the costuming, and the acting are all unparalleled. It truly feels like these videos are scenes from a blockbuster movie. I can never give this channel enough credit for what it deserves. Many viewers have seen these videos not just to relax, but to also be in awe! This is not just ASMR! This is art!

4. Aidan Blunt (Manchester Medical School)

A fun fact about this Youtube Channel is that it has been around for a long time. It has even existed way before the ASMR community was built. This is how old this channel is. Since the early 2010s, medical education videos have been posted from the University of Manchester School of Medicine. What’s funny is that these videos are not intended for ASMR purposes, but viewers have called it some of the best “unintentional ASMR” ever!

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The videos usually include a real doctor from the accredited school performing a medical exam on their patient. And of course, the video is super relaxing since the doctor’s voice is mellow and proceeded to perform their medical exam calmly. The room was also super quiet. All of these elements combined will definitely trigger viewers and have them come back for more!

Later on, Aidan Blunt posted ASMR edits of their medical videos. This means that they are now acknowledging how well this channel can fit into the ASMR community!

5. Made in France ASMR

Last but certainly not least is Made in France ASMR. This channel is made for the ones who want a cinematic experience! Just like Moonlight Cottage ASMR, Made in France goes crazy with the mise-en-scene, costuming, and just overall production quality. I again got thoroughly impressed!

One quality that makes this channel stand out from the others is how the person behind the channel roleplays as characters from different movies. He has played the Joker from Batman, a robber from Money Heist, John Wick, and many more. I was completely convinced that his performance pieces were audition tapes for Hollywood roles. That is how well done these videos are!

Overall I cannot say too much about this channel. You would have to experience this to get a good understanding of how hard Youtube channels like this one work. As I said before: this is Art!

Did any of these ASMR Youtube channels trigger a response in you? Let us know which ASMR Youtube Channel you’re most interested to check out in the comments below!

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