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Top 3 Choices of What to Wear: It’s Friday!

Top 3 Choices of What to Wear: It’s Friday!

iphone*Phone Rings*

You: Hello?

Friend: Girl! Were you sleeping?!

You: …..nooo….maybe….why?

Friend: It’s Friday! We’re going out! Get up, get dressed, look cute, I’ll be there in 30 minutes to pick you up!

You: 30 minutes! Ok, I’ll see you in a few!

Friend: You better be ready!

*End Call*

You have 30 minutes before your friend picks you up….you just woke up…what are you going to wear?!

No worries! From just going out to a dinner with friends to going to a bar or club, here are our top 3 outfit choices:




This is the perfect outfit to go to a Bar or Lounge! It’s casual, fun, and chic! If you get too hot, take off the blazer. The top has enough sparkle to take away from all the black. The gold clutch and nude shoes accent the top and complete the outfit as a whole. 







Planning on fist pumping the night away? This one piece bodysuit from is great to dance and still feel comfortable. You will DEFINITELY have all eyes on you baby girl! With the mesh insert straight down the middle, it is enough exposure to leave the fellas wanting more.








Just getting dinner and drinks with the ladies at a nice restaurant? Look like a fabulous 10 wearing this glamorous dress from LuLu*s. Keep it simple and pair this outfit with a gold bracelet and nude heels. You don’t want to put too much on! ….Keep it simple and classy!



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Article written by Felicita Pena









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