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Top 2016 Fashion Trends You Need To Know About

Top 2016 Fashion Trends You Need To Know About

Everyone knows that it is important to keep up with all the latest fashion trends. Although fashion trends come and go, these are most likely here to stay. For a while. Keep reading for the top 2016 fashion trends you need to know about!


1. The Minimalist Look

Let’s start off the 2016 fashion trends you need to know about with the minimalist look. You’ve seen it before, the black on black look or the nude skirt with the matching nude crop top. The minimalist look has been hands down one of the biggest trends this year, with celebrity influencers being the Kardashians and Kylie Jenner. The minimalist look is a simple way to achieve that sophisticated and effortlessly chic style that can work great for both day and night.



2. Body Con Skirts and Dresses

This year we are learning to love and embrace every curve on our bodies with body con skirts and dresses. This style trend is great for both day and night looks, as it can be dressed up or down for various occasions. Many women suggest wearing some form of Spanx with this look as it helps conceal that stubborn extra jiggle and really gives your body a smoother and sexier appearance.



3. “Barely There” Heels

Some people call them sandals, others call them strappy heels, I call them “barely there” heels because they look like they’re barely there! Black and nude seem to be two of the most popular colors, but this stylish shoe is the go-to heel to top off any outfit today. Many women wear them at night for a sexier look while I’ve seen others wear them with boyfriend jeans and a basic white tee for a more classic style. Either way they can pretty much make any outfit and are definitely a wardrobe staple.


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4. Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

They’re slightly oversized, destroyed and oh so worth the price. Distressed boyfriend jeans are the go-to jeans for any type of look. Pair them with a pair of sandals and a tee shirt and it’s a “casual” look, slap on some sneakers and a tank top with a bomber jacket and it’s a “street style” look, dress it up with a pair of heels and a blazer and it’s a “classy night out in the city” type of look. Distressed boyfriend jeans are amazing because they are versatile and perfect for summer.


5. The Suit Jacket

Celebrities like Rihanna have definitely initiated the trend of the skinny leg pants with the matching suit jacket look. It’s chic, sexy and a unique way of wearing a formal suit, which is why a lot of women are embracing this new style. This masculine look brings a rebellious touch to today’s popular feminine styles and makes for trendier ways to manipulate formal suits for a more casual, everyday look for women.



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