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The Top 10 Weirdest Scholarships

The Top 10 Weirdest Scholarships

Is it the time of year again when everyone is desperately applying for scholarships? Good news: not all scholarships are boring and based exclusively on your grades. There are tons of sometimes fun and exotic (sometimes weird and bizarre) scholarships out there that can add a fun spin to your application process. Someone named Zolp who is 6’2″, barefoot, and dreams of conducting research for the benefit of the potato industry would be a lucky guy eligible for three weird big money scholarships. But what if you have little or no interest in growing potatoes? Don’t worry, this list of the top 10 weirdest scholarships has something for everyone.

1. Make Me Laugh Scholarship

If everybody in high school laughed at your jokes, this unusual scholarship might be just for you! The rules are easy: each participant should create a small story that will have the judges rolling on the floor with laughter. In other words, it’s like stand-up comedy, but for students who are desperately in need of an extra $1,500 to fund their education.
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2. Chick And Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest

This exotic opportunity is open to any high school senior in the United States who can call ducks. All participants have 90 seconds to use four calls – hail, feed, comeback, and mating – and hope that ducks will be interested enough to come and check what’s going on. Successful duck callers can get $2,000 that can be used to further their education in any field.


3. Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

Finally, here is a decent scholarship for zombie fans! If you binge watched “The Walking Dead” and thought a lot about what you might do if your streets were filled with flesh-eating zombies, it’s time to share your zombie survival plan and win $2,000. Have some fun imagining what your school or college campus might be like in a zombie apocalypse and create a plan to avoid the zombies, find a place to hide, and pick the top five things you would bring to stay alive.

4. Stuck At The Prom Scholarship

This famous award is provided through Duck Brand Duct Tape, and was definitely created for those creative folks who aren’t afraid to be funny. In order to participate, high school students must make their prom clothing out of Duct Tape and take pictures of themselves wearing it to prom. Then, they post it online and people vote for the best Duct Tape costume. If you are lucky, you can get up to $5,000; if you aren’t, you’ll just be embarrassed of those prom pictures your whole life.

5. Flavor Of The Month Scholarship

If you were an ice cream flavor, which would you be and why? If you know the answer already, this delicious opportunity to win $1,500 is waiting for you! Go ahead, scholarship seekers who love ice cream, unusual writing prompts, and going to college for free.


6. Shout It Out Scholarship

Everybody has something important to say. Share your written message to the entire world by submitting it online and get a chance to receive the $1,500 Shout It Out Scholarship reward.

7. Common Knowledge Scholarship

Are you a weirdo who is fond of taking quizzes, and gets excited about the SAT and ACT? Then you can earn anywhere between $250 and $2,500 through this unusual award. In order to apply, you’ll need to create a free account online (this opportunity is available to any college or high school student) and take a quiz. The questions can be about anything from classic literature and history, to movies and music. Those who get the most answers correct in the quickest amount of time can get a few semesters in college for free.

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8. Tall Clubs International Scholarship

Tall people face a lot of problems, but this scholarship can make their life a little bit easier. If you are a freshman student under the age of 21 and above average height – at least 5’10″ for women and at least 6’2″ for men – hurry up and apply to get $1,000.

9. Jif Most Creative Sandwich Contest

Nothing can beat the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, especially if you can get a scholarship worth $25,000 and a Jif Peanut Butter basket worth $50 for making it. Unleash your creativity and make the weirdest sandwich possible to get a free education, along with free breakfasts.

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10. Superpower Scholarship

Whether you are daydreaming of secretly taking over the world or saving and protecting innocent people, here is your chance to increase your brainpower and win free college money. All hero lovers and villain enthusiasts out there (who know comic books by heart and secretly keep a cape in the closet, just in case) can write a short response for a question – which superhero or villain would you want to change places with for a day and why? – and get an extra $2,500 to use towards education.

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