Top 10 UCO Instagrammers You Should Be Following

Instagram competes with Twitter as my favorite social media channel. I love how interactive and engaging Instagram is through photographic art; each picture magically presents a thousand stories, begging to be read with awe and wonder. It’s superbly organized, easy to use, and conforms to the interest of every individual user. The app is a great platform to utilize business ideas and connect with family and friends. It’s also an ideal extension for colleges and universities to build connections impeccably like I’ve done at UCO.

One of my favorite things that UCO’s Instagram does is how comprehensive they are in establishing a relationship with their students and the local community. They re-post student photos, alert their followers of upcoming events, and respond promptly to comments and personal messages. They do a wonderful job of social media management, and they’re remarkably proud of their student body.



A university with an unprecedented content page inspires their students to create one of their own. I spent about a week and a half searching hundreds of Instagram channels of UCO students who undeniably symbolize the Broncho spirit. After countless hours of researching different content and making some difficult decisions, I found the top ten UCO Instagrammers each Central student needs to follow.

1. Timba Le (@timba_le)

A senior majoring in Graphic Design at UCO, Timba posts gripping photos chronicling the adventures of his life. The fraternity brother of Alpha Tau Omega loves uploading charming images of his loved ones, his stunning artwork, and his adorable cats. What makes Timba one of the top Central Instagrammers to follow is how caring he is towards someone else’s success; he strives for others to live their best life and have fun!

2. Aryn Robinson (@oharyn)

Aryn radiates like a gorgeous ray of sunshine beaming with brilliant lights among the evil of this world. She demonstrates extroverted positivity that encourages others to get involved in what their university has to offer while strategically networking with others in the film and music fields. Aryn was half of UCentralRadio’s favorite former broadcast duo Aryn and Allie, and she documents her joys of traveling to destinations like Las Vegas and the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.


3. Austin Sheehy (@austinsheehy)

As a student body president at UCO, Austin exhibits content that’s incredibly down-to-earth and relatable to others. The popular Instagrammer uploads photos of the activities he participates in for his school and selfies with prominent figures in his life. He’s passionate about politics and changing the world into an even better one. Austin is one of the top UCO Instagrammers to follow if you want to pursue true happiness in your life.

4. Kylee Laynee (@kyleelaynee)

For every student that wishes to attend the prestigious Academy of Contemporary Music at UCO, one of the key Instagrammers to follow for inspiration is the stunning Kylee Laynee. Kylee is a recording and performing artist skilled in the art of singing and songwriting. She is a perfect role model for aspiring musicians who wish to attend ACM@UCO. Kylee’s Instagram is populated with her music promotion, selfies with friends, and inspirational quotes.

5. Jay Lusk (@sunrush_14)

Jay Lusk is one proud Broncho and an overall happy guy. The fraternity member of Alpha Tau Omega is currently a sophomore double-majoring in forensic science and criminal justice. What makes his social channel stand out from other UCO students is how raw the composition of his photos are and how simply engaging the content is. He’s eminently proud of how close he is to his family and friends, and he shares vivid content expressing his genuine feelings towards his loved ones. His adorable flashback photos to his younger days are always entertaining!

6. Aspen Loard (@aspen_ash20)

The first thing that will capture your attention about Aspen’s Instagram is her witty bio. She describes some of her favorite things and declares her major in a unique way. The blonde stunner consistently uploads indulging images displaying her adventures on the UCO campus and how interactive her social life is with others. She’s also an illustrious sorority sister of Sigma Kappa, so she’s a great role model for incoming freshmen women who might have an interest in engaging in the coveted Greek life at UCO.



7. Alvin Varghese (@alvi_22)

College students are constantly on the hunt for hilarious material guaranteed to make their day. If you are or will be attending UCO, Alvin is the perfect guy to follow to light up your day. Not only is Alvin an inspirational, uplifting young man full of energy and soul, he’s not afraid to have a good time and to live the good life. He’s like that guy at the college party whose primary focus is to make sure you’re safe and having a wicked awesome time.

8. Emilie Semo (@emiliesemo)

Emilie is the type of woman who refuses to let any negativity poison her. The French tennis athlete uploads photos of the extravagant life she leads and the marvelous European adventures she embarks on. Emilie boldly honors her chosen college by what she expresses through her content; she’s a great example of what it means to be a true Broncho.

9. Caleb Shaw (@calebshaw333)

Caleb is an Instagrammer who knows exactly how to have a great time representing the college he loves! The chairman of the UCO Student Association loves sharing content of his travels, his family, and his stunning girlfriend. He’s a positive young man with a substantial heart and a beautiful mindset determined to help others. Despite pursuing a degree in Biomedical Sciences, he’s an expert consultant in student government participation and involvement. Caleb is an admirable mentor for students who have an interest in pursuing the fields of bio-medicine, political science, and government.

10. Audrey Price (@audreyroseprice13)

Audrey truly represents what the University of Central Oklahoma is all about. As an exercise physiologist and personal trainer, the Master’s student plays a key role in how others should care for their health and wellness. She’s eloquent, practical in her career goals and dreams in life, and so incredibly loving and caring towards others. I personally know, without a doubt, that Audrey is one of the strongest young women I will ever know. She is a true example of how positive and happy a human being can unconditionally be, no matter how tough the going may get. She is an inspiration for young love and wholesome, family values.

Love these UCO instagrammers!
(NOTE: Each UCO Instagrammer has been personally contacted before the article was written and graciously agreed to be a part of it. Each Instagrammer has also approved of the pictures from their profiles that have been used for their personal sections. I wanted to keep them involved as much as possible and to make sure they were comfortable through this wonderful journey. Please be sure to follow me on Instagram at @_katrinaloos and on Twitter at @rustic_catlady so we can spread the love to one another!)
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