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Top 10 Tik Tok Trends that Left Users Quaking

Tik Tok trends have taken the internet by storm. They are creative and have defined today’s generation. Below I listed my top 10 Tik Tok trends that will definitely entertain the heck out of you!

1. “Anything can be an Album Cover.”

This Tik Tok trend will make your mundane life fabulous. In this trend, you have to take a picture of anything. Literally anything. Either your face, your hamster, the ground, or an ant. The point is to get a mundane picture and turn it into an album cover. You can add any filters you want. As long as you stick the parental advisory sticker on the bottom right corner. 

I love this Tik Tok trend because it gets us on the artistic side. Album covers are super relevant in today’s culture. Once we see a specific cover we recognize, we can immediately hear the songs from the album! Making our everyday sights on album covers will make us feel special. It’s almost as if we are dropping mixtapes. 

2. Three-Dimensional Photo Challenge

This Tik Tok challenge will add more masterpieces to your camera roll. All you have to do is download the CapCut app and make your photos three-dimensional through the application. You do not have to do anything else because the app takes care of it all. The result is a mobile photo. Where objects are actually moving. It is really cool!

On the Tik Tok app, users can share their own unique creations. They will make your day better than it already was!

3. “Tell me Without Telling Me.”

This trend follows a very simple template. Simply tell us something without telling us. Just show us. For example: tell me you are drunk without telling me you are drunk. Simply show us a video of you slurring your words when trying to make a cohesive sentence. Tell me you are going through shit without telling me you are going through shit. Show us a video of you crying when you see a picture of your smile. 

This is a very easy trend to follow. It can clearly go in different directions. It all depends on what is going on in your life. 

4. 2018 Versus 2021

This might sound like a comparison between two specific years, but this is for a good reason. Although it’s only been three years since 2018, a lot can change in that timeframe. The challenge is to simply show a visual representation of how you did in 2018 VS your current state.

The trend went in many different directions. One video displays a woman who got diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and is now cancer-free. Another video shows a little girl living happily with her two parents in 2018 and is now an orphan. As you can see, changes are for better or worse. 

5. Zoom Meeting Gone Wrong

Everyone has had at least one Zoom meeting since the start of the coronapocalypse. And lots of people have certainly caused accidents during meetings. This Tik Tok trend has been a great source of laughter during hard times. During the pandemic lockdowns, these types of videos have been our source of happiness. They kept us from going too crazy.

In one video, you see dogs photobombing the webcam. Another features a kid sleeping during his math class. The teacher had to wake him up and remind him to move on to the next class. The content is pretty endless. 

6. Who’s Living in your House Rent-Free?

This trend is very easy. Simply show us who is living in your house without paying the bills. One video showed a toddler running around the house breaking things. Another video displayed a sassy kitten hissing at its owner. One video displays a spider crawling around the house while the house owners could not catch it. If the spider were to be there for that long, it might as well pay rent!

This is a hilarious challenge. It also shows that babies, animals, and other non-adults do not have to pay for anything. Sounds unfair, but at least you didn’t have those responsibilities during your childhood. 

7. Try Not To Laugh Duet

This Tik Tok challenge is super simple. React to any Tik Tok that is supposed to be funny and don’t laugh. At least try not to. 

Most of these videos have people miserably fail on the challenge. But they win our hearts for making great content!

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8. In Your Head Rent Free

Your thoughts are yours. You do not have to buy them or PAY attention to them. See what I did there? Anyways, the point is that your thoughts are there no matter what. 

This Tik Tok trend features people showing us what is living in their minds without taxes. The video first asks the question, then we see a pop culture reference. For example, one person had a Tik Tok dance in their head. Another had an Olivia Rodrigo song stuck in mind. Basically, anything the public recognizes. 

9. Trackstars

This is a physically challenging Tik Tok trend. What people do for this challenge is set their cameras’ timer between 5 and 10 seconds. Once the time ticks, they have to run and find an object to hide behind. If any part of their body is shown, they lose. It is a simple as that. 

This game is like a modern hide and seek. The camera counts and once it stops, it cannot see where you are. This challenge is an absolute blast! 


This Tik Tok trend borrows the audio from an iconic TV show scene. You hear “HEEELP! THE KILLER IS ESCAPING! SOMEONE HELP!” The videos combine this audio with something ridiculously funny. 

One video pair the audio with a spider crawling around the house. Another video paired it with a toddler baby escaping from their crib. The most disturbing video is one where Sia escapes the Beysement (an animated scene)! 

Have you been entertained by any of these Tik Tok Trends? If so, let us know your favorite Tik Tok trend to follow!

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