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Top 10 Tik Tok Songs People Will Immediately Add to their Playlist

Tik Tok songs have taken the world by storm. There are even songs that topped the charts because of Tik Tok. Below I listed my Top 10 Tik Tok songs music lovers will enjoy.

1. Chiquitita- ABBA

I have known this song since I was a kid. It has been around since the eighties. The older generations have certainly grown up with this specific song. Fans of the play/movie Mamma Mia will immediately recognize this song as well. At first, I never thought I will see this song reach full recognition again. And then Tik Tok introduced it to younger audiences.

Tik Tok videos using this song have had multiple themes. My favorite one featured ugly babies and their transformation to become beautiful adults. The videos usually compare their newborn state to their current state. The videos sample the iconic instrumental at the end of the song. 

2. Forget Me Nots- Patrice Rushen

This iconic song has also been an oldie but a goodie. It is a super funky song that must have lit up the discotheques. The bass sounds were killer in this song. You are guaranteed to move when this song is playing. I will never forget moving and grooving to this song when it came up on the car radio. It will always play in this retro radio station my mom always tuned up. 

Tik Tok has made a dance challenge out of this song. It features people sliding their feet and rotating them. They synchronize together very well. It is a marvel to look at. The dance also looks very easy to imitate. However, people said that it is harder than it looks. It is still a fun challenge, though!

3. Supalonely- BEENE, Gus Dapperton

This song is super relatable. The lyrics usually talk about loneliness, a common topic. The depressing lyrics juxtapose with the kawaii instrumentals. It sounds like a happy song, even though it isn’t. It is still a cute bop, however. I imagine this song being used at a teenage drama. It is quirky, adorable, and a fun listen. 

Supalonely has been used for a Tik Tok dance challenge. The dance simply involves some hand movements that I don’t understand. One of the biggest internet stars, Charli D’Amelio has participated in this challenge. Her video using those hand movements garnered her millions of views. This song became a hit in early 2020. 

4. Life’s Incredible Again- Michael Giacchino

Yes! Disney takes the wheel on Tik Tok! This music piece comes from the soundtrack of The Incredibles. A killer movie! This grand song will definitely make you feel incredible. It gives me very welcoming vibes as if I am about to enter a new stage of my life. The orchestra does an incredible job making you feel this way. 

Tik Tok makes a creative challenge out of this song. People will pose using Disney filters. These filters are actually from Snapchat. The filter turns your face into a 3-D animated character. It makes you feel like you are in Moana, Frozen, and Coco. Posing with this filter will definitely give you classic Disney vibes. Queue the trumpet sounds!

5. Get Into It (Yuh)- Doja Cat

This year, Doja Cat has released her biggest album yet: Planet Her. A monumental album that is full of afro beats, reggae influences, and fire trap spitting. This song defines how weird this woman is but in the best way possible. Her vocal delivery is raspy and sweet at the same time. It is unique and defines Doja’s ability to entertain audiences. 

The Tik Tok videos have enhanced this song. The videos usually consist of people dressing nasty. At first, they dress up all nice and innocent. But things take a turn. They become bad b—hes and I am here for it! The visuals match up with how dirty this song is. It is a fun challenge because you can dress as freely as you want. 

6. Nobody- Mitski

Like Supalonely, Nobody is about loneliness. The lyrics are even sadder, in my opinion. I think it is because of how helpless the lyrics are. Mitski sings about how she has nobody around when she needs them the most, almost as if she were in an emergency and the lack of people leads to her downfall. The instrumentals also create a sense of emergency with the chorus literally having her repeat “nobody” multiple times. 

The Tik Toks make a good spin on this song. It features people trying to leave a group of people they don’t like. The camera films them slowly walking away. They run once the chorus kicks in. This reverses the meaning of the songs. Repurposing it as if they prefer to have Nobody around. 

7. Never Forget You- Noisettes

Never Forget You was once an obscure song. It came out in 2009! I find this crazy because the song did not reach full popularity until 2021. 12 years later! This comes to show that if you made an “unsuccessful” song, be patient. You never know if it’s going to blow up 12 years later or not!

See Also

This song is beautiful though! It captures how a temporary love can transcend your life. Even just one night can be unforgettable. Tik Tok made videos featuring babies whose fathers are no longer present in their mothers’ lives. The baby is a reflection of how unforgettable that man can be. 

8. Babooshka- Kate Bush

This is another 80s song that gained traction. It is a super weird song about a woman who disguised herself as a different lady. She tricked her husband into thinking she is another woman and slept with him. Yup.

The Tik Tok videos reflect the transformation. Just like “Get Into It (Yuh),” women change their daily attire to become NASTY! 

9. Build a Bitch- Bella Poarch

What I find awesome about this song is that it is performed by an actual Tik Tok star! Bella Poarch is one of the most followed users on this platform. She has 84 million followers. 

The song itself is very mellow and sweet. It juxtaposes the feisty lyrics where she talks about being a bad b—ch. It is a very empowering song!

10. Good 4 U- Olivia Rodrigo

Everyone knows what this song is. If you do not, please give it a listen! You will soon understand why I put it on this list.

That is all!

Have you added any of these Tik Tok songs to your playlist yet? If so, let us know your favorite Tik Tok song in the comments below!

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