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Top 10 Restaurants Around the University of Alabama

Top 10 Restaurants Around the University of Alabama

Whether you are a student or you are just visiting, make sure you hit up these 10 restaurants around the University of Alabama!

Tuscaloosa isn’t exactly what I would call a “foodie” town, but there are definitely a few places you have to try while you’re here. Whether you are a student or you are just visiting, make sure you hit up these 10 restaurants around the University of Alabama for an experience you’ll only find in title town.

1. Depalma’s

This place is perfect for both when your parents visit all the way to date night! Depalmas Italian cuisine is delicious but doesn’t break the bank! Get the breadsticks, they are braided, cheesy yumminess that is to die for. And to add to the amazing food, the building has so much history while the inside has such a cool atmosphere. You know it’s good when the owner has a huge sign hanging up above the kitchen that reads ‘pharmacy’ because he says “good food heals”.


2. Mugshots

BEST burger in town! They have a variety of unique speciality burgers, and everyone is sure to find one they love. Even if you aren’t a burger person, Mugshots has all kinds of pub food that always hits the spot!


3. Buffalo Phils

If you didn’t go to B-Phils were you really even at UA? This restaurant screams Alabama from the decorations to the music choices (aka the whole restaurant sings Dixieland Delight when it comes on). The buffalo chicken dip is a MUST and everything else on the menu is as greasy and delicious as you would want it to be. And the best part… they take dining dollars!

4. Little Italy

$1.50 a slice. Located on the strip. Open until 2am. That is all.


5. Quick Grill

There are not enough words in the English language to describe the delicacy that is messy fries. But here are some: gooey, yummy, cheesy, melty, absolute perfection. Just take my word, and stumble on over there next time you’re leaving the strip after a few too many rainbow shots.

6. El Rincon

Now this one isn’t so much about the food but the 40 oz margaritas made with, wait for it, ~everclear~ perfect if you’re trying to get a little fReAkY on really any day of the week. And what broke college student doesn’t love free chips and salsa? Not this one, I can tell you that.


7. Surin of Thailand

Mid. Night. Sushi. From 11pm to 1am, you can get all different types of amazing sushi rolls and Asian cuisine for extremely cheap…10/10 would recommend getting there earlier rather than later because the line of sushi-craving college kids can get pretty long. Also, if (WHEN) you go, make sure to get the Chicken Pad See-U noodles, they will change your life.

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8. Newks

If you are over by the fraternities around lunch time (no judgement about why you might be there) you should for sure run by Newks for a yummy sandwich, soup, salad or pizza (or all of them, still no judgement). Oh, and always upgrade to the side order of mac and cheese, so worth it!


9. Taco Mama

If you are a taco fanatic like me, this will be your new favorite restaurant! The meals are simple, refreshing, and tasty. I probably come here once every other week…at least. I took my family to Taco Mama when they visited, and they liked it so much that my dad wants to open up a ‘Taco Dada’.

10. Cypress Inn Restaurant

If you and your crew are feeling a little ~fancy~ you should totally swing over to this cozy, family owned restaurant. Cypress Inn is located on the river so you can enjoy dinner and a view! Plus, it’s always nice to get away from dining hall food and take out and enjoy a nice home-cooked meal just like your momma makes.

Are there any other good restaurants around the University of Alabama our readers should know about? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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