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Top 10 Places To Order Late Night Food at CU

Hey there Buffs! School has started again which means it’s time for friends, football, and finals. Oh wait! I forgot one more F, FOOD! Whether you’re drunk, stoned, or sober while out late with friends one thing everyone wants is food! Unfortunately, there are very limited places to go when you and your friends are starving past 10 pm. Luckily for you I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best places to get food around CU after midnight!


So here’s the issue, you’re a hungry buff and everything is closing. You don’t necessarily want to stay out extremely late, but you still scoff at the 10 pm closing times of most establishments. You and your friends just want to a grab a bite to eat and talk until midnight. Fortunately, I know a couple places you and your stomach can go…

1. Cheba Hut

This yummy laid back sandwich shop sells amazing toasted subs, and is conveniently located right on “The Hill,” making it within walking distance of your dorm.

2. Farrand Market

If you’re looking for a place to cure your hunger on campus, Farrand has you covered! Immediately on your left when you walk into the Farrand dorm there is a convenience store type shop that sells all sorts of foods ranging from sandwiches to chicken fingers. The best part about it is that they accept your Munch Money! So this food is no out of pocket cost for you!



Dang it! You and your friends want some food, but you just checked the clock and it’s 12:01 AM. That’s fine because I have a few fast food options for you that don’t close their doors until 1 AM. These locations are a little tricky, and here’s why: Since they’re fast food there’s a ton of them, but the closing times on all of them are different, so here are a couple SPECIFIC LOCATIONS that are open until 1 AM.

3. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is the king of munchies food, but regardless of your intoxication level, anyone sober or not can enjoy this “authentic” Mexican food. My munchies meal consists of 2 Fiery Doritos Locos tacos, and a chicken quesarito. Although Taco Bell is great make sure you’re going to the one on Baseline Rd. in Boulder if you’re trying to snack past midnight.


4. Wendy’s

So let’s be real, we’re in college meaning WE ARE BROKE!! This makes Wendy’s the BEST place to go when you’re starving late at night. Not to sound like an ad or anything, but the 4 for $4 deal is amazing for your stomach and your wallet. This is another tricky location so make sure you’re going to the Wendy’s on Baseline Rd. in Boulder.


Okay we’re getting into the later hours of the night, maybe you’re still chatting it up with your friends, or maybe you’re leaving a party a little early. Regardless of what you’re up to here are a couple places for you and your friends to grab a bite to eat until 2 AM.

5. Cosmo’s Pizza

With 2 locations around the CU campus Cosmo’s is the best place to go for a HUGE slice of pizza for a tiny price. There is a Cosmo’s located near Williams Village if you happen to be a little further away from the campus, and there’s also a location on “The Hill,” so you and your friends can stop by and grab a slice after hitting up the frat parties. Pizza is ALWAYS a good idea.


6. The Sink

The Sink is a typical American food place that serves up some amazing burgers. This establishment is also conveniently located on the hill so make sure you stop by to sober up after the parties you totally weren’t at.


7. The Weathertech Café

Okay, okay so maybe “The Hill,” is a further walk then you’re willing to make, that’s fine! I have an on campus option for you located in the Center for Community (C4C) called the Weathertech Café. This place serves up tons of food options: pizza, sandwiches, smoothies, etc.

The list goes on and on, but the best thing about this place isn’t it’s amazing central campus location, but it’s the fact that it accepts your Munch Money and Campus Cash! Meaning that this is food that isn’t costing you anything out of pocket. Kind of free food is almost as great as free food, but is always better than NOT free food. So if you want something quick and easy at 2 AM that you won’t regret the next morning, stop by the C4C instead of replying to that drunk Snapchat.


Alright it’s getting later, and at this point you’re either drunk, high, or your conversation with your friends was seriously THAT GOOD. Regardless of what you’re doing FOOD IS STILL ON THE BRAIN. Surely you must be thinking everything is closed by now, right? I can’t possibly have any more food places to tell you about, right? WRONG. Here are a couple options for you that don’t close their doors until 3 AM.


See Also

8. Jimmy John’s

This place is always good. They serve up some amazing subs and they get the food to you at a great pace. Jimmy Johns is an awesome place to chill and talk, but the best part about them is that they deliver making life just a little bit easier at 3 AM.


9. Fat Shack

Let me be honest with you here, these sandwiches are so insane you’d think a high person invented them. If you’re up at 3 am, chances are you are STARVING, meaning you NEED to go to this food place. They have insane creations of different “fat sandwiches,” that include mac & cheese, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and so much more IN A SANDWICH. They also serve deep fried Oreo’s which just makes it 10x better. Going to this place makes me feel like I’m getting diabetes, and I LOVE IT. Go here, high or not, this is a place you need to experience.



10. IHOP

Last, but not least we have IHOP! Everyone knows and loves IHOP, but what makes me love the place even more isn’t the all-day breakfast, but instead it’s the fact that they’re open 24 HOURS A DAY. What does this mean? This means that you and your friends can talk until all hours of the night, and you can enjoy pancakes at any hour or even every hour. IHOP is great, and serves a lot more than just breakfast food, so if you happened to just miss a crazy sandwich at Fat Shack, stop by IHOP they’ll have your hunger covered.


That’s all I have for you guys! Maybe this article helped open your eyes to new places on and off campus at CU past midnight. Now I’m going to go stuff my face with all of these foods because, wow, this made me hungry! Thanks for reading!

What are some other places to eat around CU after midnight? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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