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Top 10 Places to Order Food In Dallas After 2 AM

Top 10 Places to Order Food In Dallas After 2 AM

No late night out is complete without completely stuffing yourself with some inebriated eats. Dallas is filled with amazing options to keep your late night noms interesting. If you are interested in switching it up from Whattaburger, keep reading for the top 10 places to order food in Dallas after 2 AM!

The best places to get late night food in Dallas!

1. Amorino’s Pizza and Pasta

What’s Good: Mozzarella Sticks, Buffalo Wings, Caesar Salad



2. Thai Thai Restaurant

What’s Good: Crispy Salad Rolls, Crab Cream Cheese, Dumpling


3. Ai Sushi Saki Grill

What’s Good: Miso Soup, Edamame, Chicken Egg Roll



4. Thai Lotus Kitchen

What’s Good: Drunken Noodle, Pad Thai, Spring Rolls



5. In the Sack

What’s Good: Stuffed Lasagna, Baked Potato Soup, Tomato Basil Soup



6. Spice in the City Dallas

What’s Good: Organic Tikka Marsala, Mini Potato Samosas, Saag Paneer


7. Vietnam Restaurant

What’s Good: Bubble Tea, Chicken Pho, Beef Pho



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8. The Free Man Cajun

What’s Good: Gumbo, Boudin Balls, The Voodoo Chicken Sandwich



9. Rocco’s Uptown Pizza and Pasta

What’s Good: Chicken Wings, Pepperoni Rolls, Cheese Pizza



10. Burger Island

What’s Good: Cheeseburger, Curly Fries, Tater Tots


The freshman 15 is real.


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