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Top 10 Places To Get Late Night Food at Penn State

Top 10 Places To Get Late Night Food at Penn State

Let’s be real here, if you’re ordering food past midnight at school you’re either 1, cramming for an exam or 2, most likely on your way back from the frats/ bars. Whatever the situation is, downtown State College has your covered for all your late night cravings. These are the top 10 places to get late night food at Penn State! (In no specific order.)

1. Canyon Pizza

Even if you live under a rock, you KNOW Canyon Pizza. $1 slices at midnight, an old cop car that the delivery boy drives (who will deliver until 2:45 AM), and the picnic tables everyone eats at. The quality of this pizza is questionable when sober, but when drunk, it’s a little slice of heaven that doesn’t break the bank (and you won’t be kicking yourself the next day for spending the $$).

2. Gumby’s

Two words: Pokey Stix. If you’ve never experienced these, I feel sorry for you. Pizza without the sauce, cut into strips with any type of dipping sauce you want on the side. They’re open until 3 AM and will deliver to your apartment or dorm… Need I say more?


3. College Pizza

Also a Penn State favorite and often in competition with Canyon. I personally can’t pick one, but people will often say College Pizza is better. Regardless, the pizza and calzones are absolutely amazing and perfect for late night study sessions. Bonus – they deliver until 2 AM!


4. Wings Over

Who doesn’t want wings at midnight? NO ONE! Their sweet chili boneless wings are absolutely to die for and when you throw an order of fries in? Well you are in munchie heaven.



5. Taco Bell

You know you’re guilty of 1 am Taco Bell. Whether you’re headed back downtown from the library or stumbling from The Phyrst Bar, you’re bound to walk past Taco Bell where both sober and party people are waiting for their burritos and tacos.


6. McDonald’s

Classic. All American. Cheap as hell. Always packed on a Friday/Saturday night. They hide the ketchup from us. I don’t think there’s anything left to say. Also, they deliver.

7. Are U Hungry

“Fat Bitch”, “Fat Buffalo”, “Fat Blunt”. These are a few of crazily named sandwiches at ARE U HUNGRY. Probably my favorite place to get late night food that have basically everything and their Mac n Cheese bites are to die for. Unfortunately they don’t deliver BUT they’re open until 3:30 AM so somehow I bet you’ll be able to stumble your way there.

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8. Uncle Chen’s

This wouldn’t be a late night stop list without Chinese food. Uncle Chen’s is famous for Penn State students. I know I can get the most delicious beef lo mien at midnight without worry.

9. Canyon Wings

Another Penn State favorite, often competing with Wings Over, but equally as good. The cheddar, bacon, ranch fries are all you’re going to want at 2 AM, and Canyon Wings has you covered.



10. Primanti Brothers

French fries IN your sandwich?! Sign me up. Pittsburg kids know and love this restaurant and Penn State was lucky enough to have one plopped right downtown. Whether you want to go in and sit down at midnight to order a Cajun Chicken sandwich or you want one delivered to your apartment, Primanti Brothers will not disappoint.

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