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Top 10 Places In Athens To Get Food After 2 AM

Top 10 Places In Athens To Get Food After 2 AM

Picture this: it’s a Friday night, and you’re stomach is growling over the noise of Court Street. You glance at your phone: 1:50. Hmm. That’s definitely enough time to grab a bite to eat and then go back to your dorm or apartment. But where should you go? Have no fear: we at SOCIETY19 have crafted your go-to list for the Athens fourth meal. Keep reading for the top 10 places to get food after 2 AM around Ohio U’s campus!

1. Wendy’s

OK, haters. Wendy’s is great, and you know it. Although it’s not local Athens eatery, Wendy’s is still a fourth meal favorite: I mean, have you seen the line that starts forming after midnight until closing? C’mon. You can’t beat 4 for 4.

2. Uptown Grill

Those who are unfamiliar with Athens may pass this simple shack as they walk down the street. Athens natives, though, just refer to it by its most popular item: Chicken and Waffles. Large crowds of hungry college students gather around this snack shack until the wee hours of the morning.


3. Burrito Buggy

Ohio University students seem to have a love-hate relationship with Burrito Buggy. Ya love it, or ya hate it: there’s no in between. But, this food cart offers cheap burritos late into the night, so we can’t complain too much.

4. Good Fellas Pizza

Good Fellas Pizza has a tendency to be packed Thursday night onward. And why wouldn’t it? You can get a huge slice of pepperoni for a little over two dollars. Added bonus: you get to gaze at a portrait of Robert De Niro as you eat.

5. D.P. Dough

What’s great about D.P. Dough is that you don’t have to shuffle over to a restaurant to get your food fix: nope, with D.P. Dough, you’re just a phone call (or click) away from a savory sandwich or top-notch calzone. Downside: it’s a bit of a splurge; definitely not something you can afford to get every night.


6. Big Mamma’s Burritos

Big Mamma’s is the favorite of many; and why wouldn’t it be? Low-cost burritos packed with interesting ingredients are sure to make even the lamest of nights bearable. Personally, I recommend the Chipotle Mamma. It does the job every time.

7. Wings Over

Another beautiful place to order food would be Wings Over. Located on Court Street, Wings Over offers a ton of different flavors ranging from Bar-B-Que to Sweet Chili. The Buffalo sauces appeal to wimp taste buds as well as spicy food gurus.

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8. O’ Betty’s Red Hot

This hot dog joint is one of the quirkiest eateries in Athens. Splattered across its walls are vintage portraits of burlesque stars, and the Wonderful Wacky Hot dog Museum is housed inside the restaurant.

9. Avalanche Pizza

The. Best. Pizza. Ever. Seriously, there’s a pizza for everyone: there are toppings for the lovers of cheese, the carnivores, and the vegans. Avalanche comes up with new combinations all the time, too, and they get the coolest names: “I Was a Teenage Vegan Werewolf,” “The Ted Nugent,” “Pancho Villa Taco Pie,” and “The Yvonne Craig Batgirl! Pizza,” to name a few.

10. Union Street Diner

Union Street Diner is iconic to Athens. You can stay as late as you want (and people surely do) because it’s open 24 hours a day. It’s an actual diner, too: not a diner that tries too hard to be vintage. Their breakfast is to die for. Try their omelettes: it’ll be the best decision of your weekend.

Any other good places to get food after 2 AM? Have another place you love for your fourth meal that didn’t make the cut? Comment below or share with a friend!
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